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Refer brands and earn with MyBump Media!

Refer a brands to us to enjoy awesome rewards while helping hundreds of people earn income by bumping brands!

I'm Interested!

Did you know that it pays to have friends in advertising? ?

Earn up to

RM 1200

Earn 2% for contracts less than RM 60,000

Earn over

RM 3000

Earn 5% for contracts more than RM 60,000

How It Works - It's super simple!

Arrange a meeting

Introduce us to your friend in advertising or anyone who is interested in MyBump Media’s advertising services. Simply refer brands for a meet up session based on a time that is convenient for everyone!

Let’s close the deal

Thanks to you, your contact signs an advertising deal with MyBump Media to bump their brand!

Get Your Reward!

Get your referral reward as soon as you the advertising campaign with your contact is launched

Wait, there's more for you!

Priority Selection for Campaign

MyBump Merchandize/Swag

Birthday Surprise!

Priority Support

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Brand Ambassador has to enter into a Referral Agreement with MyBump Media.
  2. Introduction must be directly to the person-in-charge of advertising/marketing of the Company and not to general officers.
  3. Advertising deal is signed with the person-in-charge or direct referral from the person-in-charge
  4. Advertising deal signed within one month from the date of first referral meeting.
  5. First confirmed, first rewarded basis (reward is given to the first Brand Ambassador that introduces the person-in-charge) within the lock-in-period of one month.
  6. Brand Ambassador will be informed if the Company has already been referred or if referral is within a one month lock-in period by another Brand Ambassador.