Dequadin – Hard Candy

Dequadin is a well-known brand to be one of the best throat lozenges with lasting medical benefits, are now introducing brand new flavours of its hard candy to everyday Malaysians. Dequadin is unique with its variety of flavours via specially curated ingredients and available via almost every convenience store in Malaysia.

MyBump Car Wrap Client: Dequadin
Brand Ambassador Selection
High Mileage Ambassadors driving in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru regularly covering locations around Dequadin’s distributors.
Campaign Focus
Geo-location and user-persona to match hard candy’s distributor network and target demographics.
Campaign Type
4 Doors + Car Window Crowdvertising
Campaign Information

Dequadin campaign was a branding and awareness campaign. The campaign focus was to promote the launching of Dequadin's latest hard candy flavour offerings and celebrate its large distributor network and targets colleges and residential areas within a 5KM radius of its availability. The sticker design emphasized Dequadin's different flavours as well.

dequadin car mock 2

Penang Heatmap

Klang Valley Heatmap

Johor Bahru Heatmap



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