Brand Ambassadors

What is MyBump?

MyBump is a crowd advertising platform matching drivers and brands. We want to help drivers earn extra income by doing the very same thing they do every day – driving. Endorse a brand on your car and social media (Facebook and Instagram) – earn money and freebies every month!

How does MyBump work?

After you have registered as a Brand Ambassador, 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose (bump) a campaign from your MyBump app (only available for Android at the moment, iOs coming soon)
  2. We will deliver the campaign sticker to your preferred delivery address! Place the brand sticker on the back window of your car. It’s really easy – check out our step by step video. If you need help, we provide assistance for first time Brand Ambassadors
  3. Take a selfie with the brand sticker visible and upload on your social media (Facebook or Instagram) with the right hashtag and links. Make sure your selfie is set to public
  4. Drive around as usual
  5. Send us your verification selfie after 30 days and receive cash payment plus freebies from the brand you endorse!

How do I register as a Brand Ambassador?

You can apply to be a brand ambassador here

Are there any fees to become a Brand Ambassador?

No, application to become a Brand Ambassador with MyBump is absolutely free!

What are the requirements to become a Brand Ambassador?

Few basic requirements:

  1. Own a car and a valid Malaysian driver’s licence, or at least covered under the car insurance policy
  2. Frequent driver – we have a recommended distance of 60KM per day, however if you don’t drive as much, its alright. We will match you with the right advertiser
  3. Social media friendly – you must have an active Facebook or Instagram account
  4. Good driving record (means no outstanding road summons) and you car is in good condition

What if I don’t have social media account?

You must be active on social media to qualify as a Brand Ambassador. You can either be active on Facebook and/or Instagram

Can I choose the brand I want on my car?

Yes! The choice is yours. When we launch a campaign, we will let you know of the campaign details including the brand name, sticker design, compensation amount, campaign hashtags or links and other related details. If you like the campaign, you can opt-in (bump) for shortlisting. If you don’t like the brand, you can always wait for the next brand campaign

What if I don’t own the car?

It is fine if you don’t own the car, as long as you are covered under the car’s insurance policy

When can I start?

You can register as a Brand Ambassador now! You will be notified via your MyBump app (only available on Andriod now, iOS version coming soon) as soon as there are campaigns available in your area

How can I download the MyBump app?

You can download the MyBump app here. The MyBump App is only available for Android at the moment. We will launch the iOS app soon!

Will MyBump share my personal information?

We WILL NOT share your personal information with any third party. Except for your social media account and monthly selfie uploads (which is available for public view on your social media profile), any information shared with brands and advertisers will be on anonymous/ incognito basis

How much can I make?

You will be compensated in cash payment and freebies from your preferred brand. The amount of cash payment and the freebies will be notified on per campaign basis

How is compensation (payment) made?

We will make payment directly to the bank account that you registered with us, on monthly basis, throughout the duration of the campaign

What kind of freebies do I get?

Freebies can be in form of brand merchandise, gifts, discount codes or vouchers from your brand of choice. We will inform you of the freebies on per campaign basis.

When can I get my sticker?

You will only receive a sticker when you get selected for a campaign. To clarify, registration does not guarantee that you receive a sticker. We match you with advertisers that want to advertise in areas where you travel daily. Once there is an advertiser for your daily travel routes, we will contact you for your confirmation

After I complete registration, how soon can I get a campaign?

Thanks for registering 🙂 We can only match you with advertisers that want to advertise where you travel daily – this might take a while depending on where you drive daily and the advertiser’s campaign location request. We are always working to get more advertisers for you and we launch campaigns every month. As soon as we have an advertiser for your usual travel routes, we will contact you via your MyBump profile

How long is each campaign?

A campaign can last between 1-4 months, sometimes even more. We will inform you of the campaign duration on per campaign basis

What is the process, from start campaign till compensation?

Once you have registered, the process is:

  1. Check your MyBump app! As soon as there is an advertiser for your daily travel routes, you will be notified via your MyBump profile. You can then decide if you want to participate or not;
  2. If like the brand, you can confirm your participation by clicking ‘Bump this Brand’ on your MyBump app, you will be shortlisted for selection by the advertiser (there are a few selection criteria. Where you drive, distance you travel etc.);
  3. If you are selected, you will be notified via your MyBump app and we will deliver the sticker to you;
  4. Paste the sticker on your rear car window and take a selfie. It’s super easy to do, checkout our step by step video;
  5. Upload your selfie on Facebook and/or Instagram with the specified hashtags (minimum one selfie upload per month);
  6. Drive around as usual and get paid at the end of the month from the brand you advertise!

We will request for a verification selfie at the end of the campaign to process your final payment. For campaigns lasting more than a month, repeat steps 5 and 6 every month throughout the duration of the campaign.

Why do I need to upload my selfie with the brand to my social media account?

When you bump a brand, you are the brand’s Ambassador on the road and online. Sharing a selfie with your preferred brand’s sticker on your social media is a part of your role as a Brand Ambassador

How frequent do I need to upload my selfie on my social media account?

You are required to upload a minimum of one (1) selfie per month with the specified campaign hashtags and links. We will only process your cash payment after we received and confirm your selfie, either on your social media profile during the campaign or your verification selfie at the end of the campaign

What kind of sticker does MyBump use?

MyBump uses a custom made one-way vision sticker that does not affect your view from the inside the car and is JPJ compliant. You can check out how it looks like here

Where do I put the sticker?

The sticker is to be placed on the rear (back) window of your car. You can check out our video on how to bump your sticker here. You are not permitted to place the sticker on any other parts or windows of your car

Can I remove the sticker during the campaign?

No, once you are selected to participate in a campaign, you are required to have the brand sticker on your car until the end of the campaign (until we request for your verification selfie).

What happens if I remove the sticker during the campaign?

MyBump sticker is custom made for one-time sticking only. We may conduct random video-call spot checks as well as require you to send a selfie with the brand sticker at the end of every month. If you fail to do so, no compensation will be made and you will be black-listed for future campaigns

What if I damage the sticker during installation or while driving?

You can submit a written request to us for a sticker replacement. First time replacement of a damaged sticker (that is not due to your fault) shall be free of charge, any subsequent request for replacement stickers will be charged RM50.00 per sticker and will be deducted from your monthly compensation

Will MyBump help me put the sticker on my car?

Our sticker is easy enough to do-it-yourself (DIY)! For first-time Brand Ambassadors, we provide free on-site tutorial and assistance at your request

Will the sticker on my window effect my car insurance?

You are to travel based on your usual driving routes/routine and to never drive for the sake of advertising, this ensures your personal auto-liability coverage stays intact

How can we be sure the brands/agencies will pay us?

Leave that to us. MyBump acts as an intermediary between you and your preferred brand.  We are committed to ensure that you will receive your compensation as a Brand Ambassador 

What if I get stopped or fined by JPJ, Police or SPAD?

MyBump stickers comply with JPJ’s regulation of minimum 30% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) for rear windows. If you are stopped or fined by JPJ, Police or SPAD, contact our customer service soonest possible and we will manage your case (on best effort basis)

Why must I upload copies of my IC, driving licence and insurance to register?

We request a copy of your IC, driving licence and insurance policy to support your application with MyBump. As you will be representing brands as their brand ambassador, we request the details ensure you are an authentic and real applicant. If it comforts you, you can include a watermark “For MyBump Use Only” when you upload the images

Will MyBump share my personal information?

We WILL NOT share your personal information with any third party. Except for your social media account and monthly selfie uploads (which is available for public view on your social media profile), any information shared with brands and advertisers will be on anonymous/ incognito basis

Where does MyBump operate?

We mainly operate in Klang Valley but we do run campaigns in Penang and Johor Bahru at advertiser’s request. Do register as a Brand Ambassador and we will contact you as soon as we launch campaigns in your area


How does MyBump work for Advertisers?

Did you know only 33% of consumers said they trust paid advertisements, but an astounding 92% trust peer recommendations?

We provide advertisers with consumer-backed advertising. Your consumers are your biggest fan and your biggest asset! Get your consumers as your brand ambassadors and let them help you spread the word on the road (using custom made rear screen car stickers) and online (via monthly selfie uploads on their social media profiles)

Once you launch a campaign with us, you will be given access to your very own Advertiser Dashboard. Our platform is equipped with a tracking feature which allows advertisers to track on the road opportunity-to-view as well as the social media reach

We also provide end of the month campaign effectiveness report on the performance of each campaign – so you can know what works, what to improve and what you can do to set yourself apart from your competitors

How do I launch a campaign with MyBump?

Drop us a note at! Let us share more about what we do and how we do it. We look forward to get to know you and your brand as well and how MyBump can help you take your brand to the next level ?

What information do I need to provide?

Our team will guide you on what information we need to get your campaign launched. To kick-start your way, here are the key details we require:

  1. Name of Brand/Campaign
  2. Purpose of Campaign
  3. Campaign #hashtags and/or website links
  4. Freebies to your Brand Ambassadors (any value)
  5. Sticker design (we will provide the design guidelines)
  6. No. of Brand Ambassadors
  7. Advertising locations (we will match you with Brand Ambassadors that drive there daily)

How long does it take to roll out?

After all campaign details have been finalized and the (first) payment processed, we’ll have your brand on the road and online in 10 days!

What if I don’t get the amount of drivers I request?

After launching your campaign, interested Brand Ambassadors can opt-in for your campaign. If you have more interested Brand Ambassadors than you requested for – you have two options, you could either go with the requested number of Brand Ambassadors or you could choose to take up all the interested Brand Ambassadors and get all the support you have 🙂

Who designs the stickers?

You can provide your own campaign sticker with your customized designs. We can provide you with a design guideline on how best to design the sticker via your in-house design team, or we can design it for you as well – absolutely free!

How is the payment process for campaigns?

Advertisers can either choose to pay up front for the full campaign, or choose to pay on a monthly basis – please drop us a note at for more details

Is this type of advertising legal?

Yes, our model is structured in such a way that it is legal to be conducted by everyday drivers. After all, the whole purpose of MyBump is to help real people with real lives earn additional income

Our stickers are also custom designed to be one-way vision and JPJ compliant