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We believe in giving back to the people. This is how much our Brand Ambassador’s have earned so far by endorsing brands with us

Minimum Requirements

See if you make the cut

01. Own a car (or at least be a registered driver)

It is vital that you have your car registered under your name or be a named driver under your car insurance.

02. Have your documents prepared

To complete your profile, all you need to upload are as follows:

  • NRIC
  • Driving license
  • Insurance cover letter
  • Photo of the back of your car

03. Clean driving record

You are going to represent yourself publicly while endorsing your favorite brands, make sure you don’t have any outstanding summons and you have a good, clean driver’s record.

04. Social Media Savvy

Can’t help browsing your Facebook or Instagram feed? Great! It is important that you are active on your favourite social media channels.

Our Stickers

Easy DIY installation

Our stickers are easy enough to be installed by our brand ambassadors themselves. Allowing rollout to be faster than ever

24 x 12 inches

Optimal size for view and right at the eye level of on-lookers

See through from the inside

Our one way vision sticker allows it to be clearly visible for on-lookers, while being almost transparent from the inside

JPJ compliant

Our custom designed stickers are compliant to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia’s regulations

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