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Building brands with the power of the crowd

We create impact for your brand by harnessing the power of your consumers as your best advertisers and supporters

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Billboards vs Crowd Advertising

Target your Out of Home advertising where your actual consumers are with the power of your consumers!

Cover multiple locations and spread your brand message for your campaign to niche locations where static advertising cannot reach your biggest and most influential supporters.

People Trust Recommendations by the Crowd
Crowd Communicating People Listen to People

People Listen to People

With the world of advertising becoming so cluttered, everyone is looking for a review from your “regular everyday person” for meaningful feedback and trustworthy opinions.

Let your most influential and supportive consumers speak for you. It is word-of-mouth on steroids!

Besides, who will you believe more? An actual person or a mainstream medium?

83% of consumers trust peer recommendations

According to Research, recommendatons still remain the most credible form of advertising among consumers.
With the right audience who are ready to promote your brand, the recommendations they share are more personalised and more trustworthy

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Social Media Star Brand Ambassador MyBump Media

Nano Influencers vs Celebrity Influencers

Average joes are more influential than you think!

In fact, nano influencers engagement rates doubles celebrity influencers. There first-hand relationships come across as authentic and trustworthy – plus easily accessible!

50,000 Brand Ambassadors and Counting

Having your ideal audience is important to make the right appeal to the relevant audience for your brand.

With the power of the crowd, deliver directly to your ideal consumers to maximise your ROI and save your budget by delivering your message directly to your most ideal customers.


of users earns less than RM 3,000


of users are young adults under 35.


are women in our community

5 : 4 : 1

ethnic breakdown

MyBump Media Nationwide Brand Ambassador Reach

Reach Wide and Far

With over 50,000 ambassadors, the amount of reach is crucial for gaining new customers and driving sales.

With Crowd Advertising, you have the option and opportunity to run a campaign as big and broad as possible with niche channels and targeting. This allows you to communicate with your target audience with ease and reach out to as many people as possible who fits your ideal consumer anywhere!

Targeted Marketing at its best!

Utilize the power of crowds to reach the right audience at the right time and the right place!

By understanding the interests and circles of your consumers, crowd advertising helps to resonate with the ideal target audience by addressing the target group directly to find the right potential leads for your business.

Why MyBump Media Crowd Advertising Services

We have solutions for
businesses at any stage

MyBump Media Crowd Advertising for Startups & SMEs

Startups & SMEs

We provide fitted-to-your budget marketing solutions to help your brand stand-out in today’s crowded marketplace.

MyBump Media Crowd Advertising for Enterprise Companies


We deliver well thought-through, planned marketing strategies for ambitious growing businesses across multiple industries.

MyBump Media Crowd Advertising for Agencies


We offer cutting-edge and innovative crowd advertising executions for marketers looking to stay ahead of the game.

Welcome to your Crowdvertise Dashboard

Get real-time analytics on your campaign

We provide you proof of delivery and insights on how your campaign is doing so you can measure its’s success.

Keep track of your ambassadors’ performance

Know exactly when and where your ambassadors are endorsing your brand and other key campaign metrics.

Receive campaign reports straight into your inbox

Getting a quick weekly or montly overview of your campaign’s progress is now easier than ever.
Learn More about the Crowdvertise Dashboard

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