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Bring your brand forward with crowd advertising

From out-of-home, in-mall, and events to social media, our comprehensive crowd advertising solutions are designed to get exactly what you need, when you need it, to meet and exceed your campaign goals.

Leverage the power of social media and the crowd online

Increase your brand’s visibility to a wider audience online by leveraging the power of social media. Boost your social media strategy by getting ambassadors to engage, share, and post about your brand to their social networks.

Nano Influencer Marketing Hero Image

Getting lots of views but not enough engagement?

Our pool of ambassadors consists of nano and micro influencers, aka your everyday social media users with anywhere from 100-10,000 followers. Being more engaged with their smaller audience also means a higher organic engagement rate for your brand.

MyBump Media Nano Influencer Marketing Ambassadors Social Media Post

Your ambassadors want to share about your brand with their social networks

Drive authentic conversation and engagement online for your brand with crowd advertising.

MyBump Media Nano Influencer Online Endorsements Montage

Higher organic authenticity for your brand

Your ambassadors know their audience, and most importantly their audience trusts them. They can provide your brand with value-driven content and build long-term authenticity within target demographics.

Thousands of everyday consumers as your social influencers

Reactions, comments, likes, posts…Your ambassadors are not only active on social media but genuine consumers themselves, directly influencing the purchasing process within their family, friends, and followers.

Gain the trust of your consumers with the help of your ambassadors

People today trust and respond positively to a friend’s recommendations and opinions, or individuals they look up to – and that’s what your ambassadors are to your target consumers.

Social Media Star Brand Ambassador MyBump Media
Social Media Post with Growing Likes MyBump Media Nano Influencer Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing, on steroids

Leveraging on ambassadors that match your brand’s image, align with your values and fit within your target audience is a powerful way to build word-of-mouth recommendations in the digital age.

Simple and easy to work with - at unparalleled scale

Simple and scalable process of engaging with hundreds, if not thousands of nano influencers directly – all managed through and powered by our Crowdvertise Dashboard.

MyBump Media Nano Influencer Marketing Job Process Flow

We have solutions for
businesses at any stage

MyBump Media Crowd Advertising for Startups & SMEs

Startups & SMEs

We provide fitted-to-your budget marketing solutions to help your brand stand-out in today’s crowded marketplace.

MyBump Media Crowd Advertising for Enterprise Companies


We deliver well thought-through, planned marketing strategies for ambitious growing businesses across multiple industries.

MyBump Media Crowd Advertising for Agencies


We offer cutting-edge and innovative crowd advertising executions for marketers looking to stay ahead of the game.

We integrate location activity data and more into your campaign for maximum trackability

Get real-time analytics on your campaign

We provide you proof of delivery and insights on how your campaign is doing so you can measure its’s success.

Keep track of your ambassadors’ performance

Know exactly when and where your ambassadors are endorsing your brand and other key campaign metrics.

Receive campaign reports straight into your inbox

Getting a quick weekly or montly overview of your campaign’s progress is now easier than ever.
Learn More about the Crowdvertise Dashboard

Grow Your Brand With Us!

Want to learn more on how the power of crowd advertising can drive your consumers to grow your brand?

Please share more about you for us to learn a bit about your and get in touch us with you as effectively as possible 👉

Grow Your Brand With Us!

Want to learn more on how the power of crowd advertising can drive your consumers to grow your brand?

Please share more about you for us to learn a bit about your and get in touch us with you as effectively as possible 👉

Industry updates and thoughts from our experts

We write on campaign executions, tech updates, developments, ideas as well as our experiences working in the crowd advertising scene. We also love hearing feedback or questions from readers, so shoot us an email if something interests you!