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Earn with MyBump Media by bumping brands!

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Multiple ways to earn by endorsing brands!

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Car Wrap Ads

Earn while driving.
Endorse brands your car, drive normally and earn where ever you go!

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Wear your favourite brands’ merch and earn while attending the coolest exclusive events for your brand!

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Get exclusive merch and freebies from your favourite brands and earn by showing your brand some love on social media or even while going about your every day errands.

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Consumer Feedback

Brands want to know what you think! Earn by answering some questions that help your favourite brands deliver even better products or services!

Perks of being a Brand Ambassador

Passive Income

Boost your cash by endorsing brands, hassle-free! Join campaigns by your favourite brands

Community &
Social Impact

Be a part of our community of brand ambassadors that hype up brands, drop jaws and wow people!

App Rewards
& Perks

Instant access to awesome exclusive deals just because you're a MyBump Brand Ambassador.

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