Consumer Backed


Get your brand endorsed on your evangelists’ car while they drive and recommended on their social media profiles.
Real people with real lives vouching for your brand.

Geo-targeted on the road advertising

Where do you want your brand to be?
Target your audience like never before! MyBump Media’s state of the art technology enables you to pick the locations where you want your brands to be seen! We match you with our brand ambassadors’ daily driving locations.

Real people, with real lives, endorsing your brand

Only 33% of consumers said they trust paid advertisements, but an astounding 92% trust peer recommendations.
– Nielsen Survey, 2016

Let your Brand Ambassadors speak for your brand. People from all walks of life endorsing your brand and sharing genuine endorsement, support and recommendations on their social media profiles.

Real Time Data Analytics

Gain access to your very own Advertiser Dashboard to keep track of your campaign’s performance. We provide you with real time data analytics on your Brand Ambassadors’ on-the-road impressions and social media engagement along with detailed analytical reports for each advertising campaign. Just sit back and watch your brand grow!

Customizable Campaigns

Tell us your brand’s strategy and what you have in mind. Our team will tailor make an effective campaign for your brand. We take pride in what MyBump Media is able to achieve for your brand.



Flexiroam worked with MyBump Media to launch a campaign
focused on user acquisition targeting
frequent travelers and jetsetters'



PDRM worked with MyBump Media to launch a campaign
focused on any Malaysian's who were driving to their hometown
for the Chinese New Year 2017



We worked together to launch a branding campaign
with hundreds of Brand Ambassadors in
Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru


Disney Studios

We worked together to launch a campaign targeting
parents who drop off their kids (between 3-12 years old)
to/from school within Klang Valley



MyBump Media worked with Advertising+Marketing to
launch a campaign for the NEXT Malaysia 2017 event,
targeting KL's Golden Triangle.


Universiti Malaya

We worked together with University Malaya
targeting areas nearby the university for
the Pesta Tanglung 2017

Campaign Stats


Social media posts shared


Total mileage covered


Total Impressions (On the road + online)

Advertising Comparisons



OOH Advertisements

  • Unreliable Metrics
  • Static Ads
  • Short Attention Span by Viewers
  • Expensive
  • High Maintenance Fees
  • Long Lead Time (could take months)


Paid Advertisements

  • Susceptible to Ad Blockers
  • Viewers see it is “Annoying Ads”
  • Influencer Marketing is Expensive
Traditional OOH + Digital


MyBump Media

  • Real Time Metrics
  • Mobile Advertisements On-The-Go
  • Captive Audience Online and On the Road
  • Cheaper (Pay by Volume)
  • Zero Maintenance Fees
  • 14 Days Lead Time for any size Campaign
  • Immune to Ad Blockers
  • Viewers see it as “Peer Recommendations”

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