Consumer Backed


Get your brand endorsed on your evangelists’ car while they drive and recommended on their social media profiles.
Real people with real lives vouching for your brand.

Crowdvertise Your Brand with MyBump Media

Here are the different ways for your brand to get the most out of your advertising campaigns with the help of your very own MyBump Brand Ambassadors

Car Rear Windscreen Crowdvertising

Get your brand seen at the optimal view level of onlookers on the road with MyBump Media’s JPJ compliant one-way-vision rear windscreen sticker! Maximise your brand exposure with this unique mobile billboard and get endorsed on social media by thousands of brand ambassadors – all vouching for your brand on-the-road and online!

Car Wrap Crowdvertising

Take your on-the-road brand exposure to the ultimate level with our new car wrap advertising features. You will be spoilt for choice with our customizable car wraps – even wrap an entire car with your brand! Coupled with social media endorsement and our unique in-house brand tracking features, your brand presence will be unparalleled; on-the-road and online!

Brandfie Crowdvertising

Bump your social media brand engagement with MyBump Media’s customizable selfie frame. Customize your brand’s message along with your desired tagline or product and get endorsed by thousands of brand ambassadors on social media! We take social media endorsement up to a whole new level!

Crowdvertise your brand

The crowd speaks volume. Today, the power of the crowd drives the future of businesses

Geotargeted Advertising

Pick the locations you want your brand seen

Real Time Data Analytics

See the effectiveness and exposure of your brand grow in real time

Social Media Endorsements

Real people with real lives vouching for your brand on social media

Customizable Campaigns

Tailor made campaigns to match your brand’s strategy


Social Media Engagement


Total Mileage


Total Impressions

Advertising Comparisons



OOH Advertisements

  • Unreliable Metrics
  • Static Ads
  • Short Attention Span by Viewers
  • Expensive
  • High Maintenance Fees
  • Long Lead Time (could take months)


Paid Advertisements

  • Susceptible to Ad Blockers
  • Viewers see it as “Annoying Ads”
  • Influencer Marketing is Expensive
Traditional OOH + Digital


MyBump Media

  • Real Time Metrics
  • Mobile Advertisements On-The-Go
  • Captive Audience Online and On the Road
  • Cheaper (Pay by Volume)
  • Zero Maintenance Fees
  • 14 Days Lead Time for any size Campaign
  • Immune to Ad Blockers
  • Viewers see it as “Peer Recommendations”

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