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Our name “MyBump” originates from the term ‘bumper-stickers’ as our medium of advertising and ‘fist-bump’ as a show of support for brands. The story starts off as a personal dilemma – getting stuck in traffic. We are drivers too and we share the common experience of driving all over town, getting stuck in traffic and just sitting in the car while hours pass by.

There isn’t much you can do while you’re behind the wheel either – listen to music and look at all those billboards around you.

The road belongs to you – we want to bring the voice of the people on the road to the road. We want to redefine outdoor advertising and introduce personal branding – your car, your brand, your choice. Most of all, we want to play our part in the world and help every car driver make extra income by doing the very thing they do every – single – day. Driving.

Who’s behind the wheel?

Meet the team


Nadia Jalil

Founder and CEO


Dhanish Athif

Co Founder and COO


Andrew Tai

Head of Marketing


Ahmed Rishwan

Chief Technology Officer


Karam Ali

Software Engineer

Joanne Cheng

Community Manager

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