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Billboards have been around for hundreds of years whereas car wraps only recently became widely accessible with the rise of ride-sharing vehicles and gig job seekers who want to wrap their cars for advertising.

Although Car Wrap advertising is steadily gaining popularity, some marketers may not be as familiar with its advantages and how to best leverage this new media format. 

Marketers spend countless hours researching and designing advertisements which are best fit for their marketing campaigns to grab the attention of new audiences all the time – and we know that choosing the right medium is always tough with all the choices out there. 

Here are our top 6 reasons why we prefer Car Wrap advertising over Billboards

1. Real People Reach Specific Markets Easily!

Car wraps reach people easily

The beauty of Car Wrap advertising is the fact that cars are MOBILE. 

Yes, they can help you reach geographical areas which are difficult or impossible to reach through any other out-of-home media format such as billboards with the highest exposure. Infact, on average, one Car Wrapcan generate between 20,000 – 50,000 impressions daily and that is just on a normal day.

With Car Wrap Advertising, at MyBump Media, we are able to source our Car Wrap brand ambassadors from specific location codes and areas being targeted by our clients to ensure that the brand exposure the client wants is generated in the correct locations. Our Car Wrap Advertising performance is backed by a heatmap which provides a visual representation of where your Car Wrap advertisements have taken place. 

In addition, besides geolocation matching, we can also select your brand ambassadors based on demographic and consumer behavior data – making sure your campaign can best reach your target audience persona. For example if you want to reach out to parents of kindergarten students, we ensure that the drivers fit your criteria so that you are able to reach those parents easily. Real people to reach your targets.

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2. It is a billboard around every corner

Car wrap is a billboard around every corner

Quick question – would you rather have an advertisement in one spot or do you want an advertisement which is moving around so that a lot of people can see it?

Unfortunately, traditional billboards are stationed at one place. One might say that at high traffic, the billboard is visible to everyone and that it’s the best option. However, with Car Wrap Advertising, your mobile car billboard literally moves with the traffic and is constantly targeting audiences on the road. Even locations where billboards are scarce, you can always count on Car Wrap advertising for unlimited out-of-home reach!
And the best part is that your Car Wrap can also drive to the exact locations where the high traffic areas are and reach out to the target audience at any time. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Cover larger areas cost effectively

When we say Car Wrap advertisements are mobile, we mean it’s always on the move!

Say you might want to cover many areas at the same time. A billboard which is expensive and is fixed to one place can cost you a lot of ad spend and depending on the time and day & the crowd traffic can affect your end of campaign results. A Car Wrap however, is simply advertising on steroids.

Imagine advertising in many locations and covering a vast marketing area for a fraction of the cost. Every place accessible by a road can be accessed by your Car Wrap advertisements. And when you want to change your location, a billboard won’t just be able to drive to that location but a Car Wrap advertisement definitely can.
The best way to measure campaign effectiveness is by calculating cost per impression.

Read about how MyBump Media calculates cost per impression for your campaign with our New Crowd Advertising Dashboard!

4. Stand out with Unique and Mobile Billboards!

Car wraps dynamic and unique nice designs

Standing out in the crowd is no doubt one of the best and most effective ways to set your business apart and engage potential customers with unique and eye-catching ways to promote your brand. In fact, Car Wrap advertising is 15x more memorable than other advertising media!
The beauty of Car Wrap advertisements is that they are receptive to innovative designs with modern car wraps and dazzling graphic styles that will make a bold and personal statement while your advertising is on the move. Add a 3D topper on your Car Wrap advertisement and be sure to make heads turn.

5. Reaching New Audience All the Time

Car wraps reaches new audiences all the time new people

When you can cover larger areas with unique moving billboards all the time, imagine the number of people who get to see your Car Wrap advertisements

As people, sometimes we have our comfortable daily routines. We have a schedule where we have to go to the same place to do our tasks. We seldom change our daily plans because we are a creature of habit.

If your advertisement is on a billboard, the same people would probably pass that road everyday and the chances are these are the only people that might see the advertisement. Nothing wrong with that if highly targeted advertising is your marketing strategy (which Car Wrap advertisement can totally do too, by the way) but the winning point of  a Car Wrap advertising is the flexibility & mobility of cars to take different roads everyday; allowing your brand to be seen by newer audiences all the time especially with high mileage and ride sharing cars.

6. Monitor Performances in Real Time [GPS]

MyBump has the best technology for car wraps. My Bump has GPS and tracking systems

MyBump Media takes Car Wrap advertising up a notch with real time performance tracking beyond a simple proof-of-performance picture. MyBump Media Crowd Advertising Dashboard not only shows proof of Car Wrap advertisement installed but also where your Car Wrap advertising has been, how many people saw your brand and in addition, transparency and accountability through GPS tracking, mileage and location data.

At MyBump Media we provide overall Car Wrap campaign performance, traffic conditions  your brand is being driven in, daily mileage and impressions, to-date campaign CPM all accessible on the Crowd Advertising Dashboard, anytime anywhere. The icing on the cake? All Car Wrap advertising campaigns come with a performance guarantee – which means your campaign does not end until we meet our promised exposure!

Managing and monitoring outdoor campaigns has never been easier or more reliable.

Want to learn more about how you can promote your brand with Car Wrap advertising? Fill out the below to find out how you can Crowdvertise your brand.

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