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So your car broke down, or perhaps you splurged on a holiday or you’re starting to feel like you need some extra cash to cover your daily expenses. When little accidents or issues in life creep up, it can mean you have to fork out extra cash that you may not necessarily have at the time. 

Rather than sticking it on a credit card, there are ways you can extra cash quickly in Malaysia. Keep on reading to learn how you can earn extra money fast (and legally!):

1. Sell your pre-loved goods

Your old clothes

If you’re looking for things to make quick cash, your pre-loved items such as clothes, sneakers, home decor, furniture, or just about anything you don’t need (but is still in good condition) might just be what someone else is looking for – after all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Now’s the time to dig them out and try using some sites or apps for selling your pre-loved items online. 

You can consider selling your pre-loved at online marketplaces such as, Carousell, Tradesy, or even Facebook Marketplace. Time to set your price and negotiate!

2. Sell your old electronics


Have that old electronic device lying around in your house collecting dust? Do you know that these devices which are worthless to you can earn you serious cash?

In our age, new models are rolled out every year from smartphones to laptops to even music players. As we buy newer models, the previous version that is getting old in your house can be used and enjoyed by someone else! 

There are many second-hand dealers looking for their next ‘big deal’ items to buy, all you need to do is walk into any of their outlets for an appraisal and if you think the price is right, sell your junk for cash! Check out Cash Converters or One-Stop Second Hand Shop, they have multiple outlets nationwide.

3. Pawn your valuables

Gold jewellery

If you have valuables that you’ve been saving for a rainy day – pawnshops are the best places to go. Breaking the social stigma of pawnshops, there are many licensed and legal pawnbrokers around. You just need to make sure you’re visiting one that is accredited by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government

Curious to know what pawnbroking is exactly? 

Pawnbrokers are small businesses that accept your valuables such as jewellery and luxurious items as security for short-term loans. They are licensed on national, state and local levels.

Some trusted pawnbrokers also operate online such as Maxi-Cash Malaysia’s mobile application where you can get an online appraisal. In addition, through a Maxi-Cash outlet, you can pawn your valuables like gold easily to get extra cash and get a professional appraisal. The best thing is, that there is no credit assessment or minimum salary needed. Simple, LEGAL and INSTANT – plus a FLAT interest rate of only 0.8%!

Integrating Offline and Online Marketing to Drive Traffic With Crowd Advertising for Maxi-Cash!

MyBump X Maxicash

Maxi-Cash, a licensed pawnbroker with over 60 stores worldwide, has recently chosen MyBump Media to roll out a crowd advertising campaign focusing on building hyper-local brand awareness through offline and online marketing efforts.

The main purpose of this campaign was to increase brand engagement through outdoor advertising and advocacy among middle to high-income consumers in Klang Valley.

maxicash carwrap
Screen Shot 2022 06 26 at 2.11.49 PM

20 brand ambassadors in Klang Valley focusing on areas close to Maxi-Cash and LuxeSTYLE physical stores located in Sunway Mentari and Sungai Way were selected for the campaign. The selection was made based on geolocation data of the ambassador’s travel routes. 

Ambassadors drove frequently around the designated target outlets with Maxi-Cash’s brand message advertised on their cars throughout the campaign which allowed them to create targeted hyper-local outdoor engagement and build awareness among relevant users nearby their outlets.

maxicash crowdstorm

To further drive OOH awareness, Maxi-Cash activated a two-day Crowdstorm event with 20 ambassadors wearing Maxi-Cash T-shirts at Sunway Mentari and Sungai Way outlets. Ambassadors gave out informative Maxi-Cash Flyers and Tissue Packets to bypassers within the outlet’s vicinity, ushering users to visit the outlets nearby.

maxicash OE

Maxi-Cash also extended its campaign reach with Online Endorsements where 40 nano-influencers, selected based on demographic fit and consumer interest, shared their take on Maxi-Cash with their community of followers on Instagram.

Lastly, to further understand where their product stands in the marketplace, Maxi-Cash rolled out a Consumer Feedback Survey with over 40 respondents from Klang Valley who matched their customer profile, and those who were generally familiar with pawnbroking services. The main objectives of the survey were to see where they stood in terms of brand awareness and reach effectiveness which would be used for future campaign strategy development.

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