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MyBump Media 2021 Year in Review Blog Article

Last year as we wrapped up 2020, so many of us looked back and wondered what the world would be like now. Would people return to the office? Would we return to dining in restaurants, attending physical events or even travelling? 

The COVID-19 vaccine has helped move many of us in that direction but as 2021 came to an end, many of us are still grappling with some of those same questions in mind.

Here at MyBump Media, we focused on the same questions too. We shared updates on the latest MCO SOP’s, spread more vaccine awareness through our platform and even coped with the #WFH challenges as a team.

Here’s a look at what we have been up to in 2021:


We rode our car wrap services to new distances and embarked on a journey with the CROWD

Crowd Advertising campaigns with MyBump Media

MyBump Media was founded in 2016 as a pioneer in car wrap advertising – and today we still are. However, just like most businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic economical changes, we were no exception.

But we took the challenge as an opportunity for us to explore new ways to grow our platform and business as a whole. By January 2021, we came out stronger as a newly reformed “Crowd Advertising” agency.

With new services such as Crowdstorm, Online and Offline Endorsements and Consumer Feedback, we’re ready to #Crowdvertise your brand!

And…started the year with a bang with Astro and Broadband

MyBump Media x Astro & Broadband Online Endorsement & On-the-Road Campaign

Despite disruptions due to the MCO and EMCO restrictions being placed nationwide, we managed to roll out an on-the-road and online endorsement campaign for Astro Broadband to promote their latest #WhateverFromHome entertainment bundle.

The Astro and Broadband campaign achieved over 46,000,000 impressions and 700,000KM target mileage on the road presently.

Here’s a snippet of the campaign:

Astro Broadband car wrap

TADA!! Astro and Broadband campaign has officially launched today in all three states, Johor, Penang and Klang Valley!! Start your 2021 with Astro & Broadband! RMCO/CMCO? It’s ok! Learn from home, work from home, cheer from home, travel from home or #WhateverFromHome with Astro and high-speed broadband! Get 100Mbps high-speed broadband and up to 102 channels on Astro, from RM6/day. Shoutout to our MyBump Media Team and our beloved Brand Ambassadors for pulling through before MCO 2.0 and right after it as well. Everything rolled out as smooth as the internet line Astro Broadband offers! Go on now and switch to Astro & Broadband! #astrobroadband #astro #mybump #bumpymybrand #advertising #crowdvertise #OOH #media #marketing #duitpoket

Posted by MyBump Media on Monday, 15 March 2021

Check out our blog article for more details on our campaign with Astro and Broadband

Plus, an exclusive invitation to the world’s largest online advertising event – AdWorld 2021!

MyBump Media AdWorld 2021

We had a blast mingling with speakers from all over the world who have been nothing but accomodating and supportive throughout the event – sharing actionable insights, data-driven knowledge and innovative ideas. AdWorld sure did open new doors and opportunities for all of us at MyBump Media.


We also made it to Scale Up Cohart 2’s “Top 11 Companies” list!

MyBump Media listed "Top 11 Companies" for Scale Up Cohart 2

We are delighted to be chosen and selected to showcase and pitch our extended crowd advertising solutions and how we’ve innovated changes throughout the current economic climate. Thank you Scale Up Malaysia and Quest Ventures for the huge opportunity and insightful experience!


All set and Ramadan-ready with Alfitry

MyBump Media x Alfitry On-the-Road campaign

Hari Raya may have not been the same without the usual gatherings and visits to the homes of those nearest and dearest but our campaign with Alfitry sure did spread some cheer on the road!

Focusing on building brand awareness and brand recall among new and existing customers, this on-the-road campaign achieved over 3,300,000 impressions and over 41,000KM target mileage.

Read more about our campaign with Alfitry here

Times were hard but we made sure to #BantuYangTerkesan

MyBump Media Initiative Campaign for COVID-19

Here at MyBump Media, we’re all about giving back to the community, especially during times in need with the rise in active COVID-19 cases in Malaysia.

To fulfil our social responsibility, we launched “Bump Store” our very own e-platform where ambassadors and the public could purchase exclusive in-house merchandise where all profits were donated to local quarantine centres to help individuals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


MyBump Media calls for Malaysians to support local through #ProjekSapotLokal

MyBump Media Supports Local Businesses

In the spirit of rebuilding our local economy during these uncertain times, we reached out to several local businesses to join forces with us under #ProjekSapotLokal, an initiative project that was centred around helping local businesses thrive through strategic collaboration.

This time, we focused on building awareness digitally since the majority of people were spending their time online due to the lockdown implemented nationwide.

Digital activities included special shout-outs on social media and rewards listing of these local businesses on the MyBump App where over 50,000 of our ambassadors have access.

Learn more about #ProjekSapotLokal and the 10 local businesses we collaborated with


Hosted our first public webinar

MyBump Media Power of the Crowd Webinar

As the COVID-19 pandemic goes on and companies continue to work from home, we took this opportunity to host our very first webinar!

In the “The Power of the Crowd in a Post-Pandemic World” webinar we shared some of our findings and insights for brands and businesses to consider in the “new normal” marketing landscape following the latest consumer trends post-pandemic.

Onto the next “first”…but this time our first full-fledged Online Endorsement campaign with Get VIP Pass!

MyBump Media x Get VIP Pass Online Endorsement Campaign

Focusing purely on online advertising only, this campaign was aimed to boost community awareness on COVID-19 through social media content sharing.

An accumulative total of 300 brand ambassadors were selected based on their overall consumer behaviour – in this case, those who fit the “travel enthusiasts” bill. These ambassadors took it to their social media platforms to share the exciting news of getting a complimentary 1-night stay by simply just promoting Get VIP Pass online.

Read the article to learn more about our campaign with Get VIP Pass


Moved on to the next leg of our impact journey with SICA

MyBump Media selected for Social Impact Challenge Accelerator programme 2021

We were excited to be selected among 25 other start-ups from a total of 184 other applications to move onto the Impact Accelerator phase of SICA.

Thank you UNDP Malaysia, MaGIC, 500 Global and the other participating start-ups for this impactful experience and ultimately carrying us closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for MyBump Media moving forward!


Launched #BumpSquad, an in-house social media campaign to help everyday people earn side income through our gig platform

MyBump Media Social Media Endorsement Campaign

To promote more awareness on our extension of services here at MyBump Media – in this case, social media endorsements, we launched an in-house campaign where new and existing ambassadors can earn extra income by simply just giving a MyBump Media shout-out on either their Instagram or Facebook feed.

PROTIP: Download the MyBump App and start earning by promoting brands today!


Then, we hosted our second webinar…but this time for our awesome ambassadors!

MyBump Media Influence & Earn Webinar for Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are at the heart of MyBump Media – an advertising platform where everyday people can earn additonal income by endorsing brands.

Thank you to all ambassadors who took the time to join us for our “Influence & Earn” webinar, and especially to those who shared some of their concerns and feedback. We are constantly improving our crowd advertising platform and campaign executions for a better ambassador experience!


Wrapping up the year on a SUPER high note with SUPER Coffee

MyBump Media x SUPER Coffee Crowd Advertising Campaign

Our latest and ongoing campaign with SUPER Coffee showcases our extensive services as a crowd advertising platform here at MyBump Media.

Targetting coffee lovers around Klang Valley, Johor, Kelantan, Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan, this campaign aims to drive engagement offline and online for SUPER Coffee with ambassadors promoting SUPER Coffee wherever they drive, wearing awesome merchandise while distributing SUPER product samples to bypassers at selected locations!

And a road tour to the East Coast!

MyBump Media East Coast Road Tour 2021

To drive further awareness and get to know our East Coast ambassadors at a more personal level, we made a trip to #PantaiTimur.

Thank you East Coast peeps for dropping by to say hi to us and all the amazing memories. Til’ next time!

Here’s to a bigger and better 2022 🎉

As things move closer towards whatever “normal” means now, #TeamMyBump is looking forward to sharing new discoveries, updates, and exciting stories with the crowd.

Let’s Crowdvertise!

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