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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented economic crises besides just health crises. In light of the implementation of lockdowns and Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia which began back in 2020, unintended consequences began to surface – specifically the loss of jobs and livelihood among Malaysians. 

The Malaysian economy saw the highest unemployment rate in three decades when it skyrocketed to 5.3 per cent in 2020; close to 700,000 Malaysians lost their jobs due to the pandemic – with the hardest hit from those in the tourism, hospitality, and aviation sectors.

Helping everyday people earn through our gig platform

As MyBump Media tackles the challenges linked to the COVID-19 crisis, we believe that our crowd advertising platform is key to creating new opportunities for everyday people to earn side income. 

Founded on the purpose of providing brands with 360° crowd advertising solutions while helping the public with income opportunities through endorsing these brands, we are focused on contributing socioeconomic impact, especially during challenging times like this. 

Today, we have over 50,000 registered brand ambassadors with the majority of whom are from the B40 group including young adults and women.

50K Brand Ambassador 1

With the rise of the gig economy, we are positioning ourselves as a platform that can connect these groups of people to our variation of services that they can choose from, all of which provides them with some form of compensation.

The multiple ways to earn with MyBump Media

Here at MyBump Media, we make it easy for anyone to earn some side income through our advertising campaigns. Whether it’s students looking for ways to make extra pocket money in between classes or working professionals seeking a side hustle outside their 9-5 job. 

There are four ways ambassadors can earn additional income with MyBump Media – by driving and promoting brands on their car (car wrap advertising), shouting out about them on social media (endorsements), walking around with cool merchandise, and attending awesome events (crowdstorm) and lastly by answering surveys on various products and services (consumer feedback).

Integrating social impact into the core of our mission

To help you understand more about how we are creating social impact to better the livelihood’s of everyday people in Malaysia, we have reached out to one of our brand ambassadors at MyBump Media. Besides just providing our ambassadors with a platform to earn passive income, our mission is to also improve their financial standing and literacy to continuous support. 

Get to know more about his story on how MyBump Media’s gig platform has helped him earn some side income from joining our campaigns:

Fahmi bin Mad Salim’s livelihood is solely dependent on driving government officials to their everyday whereabouts. He used to work five days a week and earned about RM2,000 a month. 

“I bought a new car with the motivation to earn some side income by joining the gig economy. I’ve always had an interest in promoting brands on my car even before joining MyBump Media as a brand ambassador.” 

“But in 2018, when I got to know about MyBump Media and their gig platform from a friend, I decided to only promote advertising campaigns organized by them only. Ever since I’ve been a brand ambassador here for 3 years and I’m happy with the fact that I can earn some consistent side income without having to put in too much effort.” 

Since joining MyBump Media, Fahmi has managed to earn additional income between RM150-RM200 a month by simply driving his car around and promoting brands around selected locations in Malaysia during his free time. Some of the brands he has endorsed on his car in the past include Dequadin, Starbucks, Touch ‘n Go – and presently, Astro.

Screenshot 2021 12 08 153729

“I still see myself being an ambassador for MyBump Media in the long run, especially with the new services they’ve added. I’ve always only been familiar with car wrap advertising and promoting brands on my car but I’m definitely up to explore the other ways I can earn even more passive income with the other campaigns available.” 

MyBump Media’s “Influence & Earn” webinar

Just recently on the 24th of November, our Community Team over at MyBump Media organized a webinar titled “Influence & Earn” to further engage with our existing and other potential brand ambassadors’ to educate them more about our new services.

Influence and earn Fb event banner 01

The purpose of the webinar was to further engage with our existing brand ambassadors on the expansion of our services and how they can benefit from them as well as to reach out to the general public on how they can earn on our gig platform. 

Learn more about the multiple ways you can earn at MyBump Media. Download our app today!

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