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Art comes in many forms and serves many purposes. It can serve as self-expression, provide aesthetic value or even act as a way of communication between people. Hyper-realistic art, abstract art and modern art are all examples of highly-adorned genres these days.

For Malaysia, art comes in the form of batik, a cultural heritage that is ingrained into the rich history of Malaysia and other Asian countries alike.

But “what exactly is batik?” you may ask. Simply put, Batik is an art to decorate cloth with wax as a resist method. Derived from the Javanese words, amba (to write) and titik (dot), batik is an old form of art that loosely translated means to dot.

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In Malaysia however, batik makers or artists rely more on the brush painting method instead of dipping in dye. The Malaysian batik is mostly known for its geometrical designs using more leaves or flower designs rather than animal or human forms 

By now, you’re probably aware of how commonly known batik is in Malaysia, but aside from being just “patterns on fabric” – batik has many other uses. 

Let’s dive in deeper and explore some other ways batik may interest you!

1. Send someone a batik-made gift or collect them as souvenirs

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We’ve all been there before – what are some local souvenirs can we buy for our loved ones? Or when we run out of gift ideas for our friends and family during special occasions?

Instead of buying standard gifts like keychains or t-shirts, batik is a unique alternative that will never go out of style – and even provides a multipurpose value since they come in forms, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs.

You can choose to buy a coaster, a shawl, a fan or even a bag made from batik. Batik’s natural artistic elements speak for themselves, so even if you just decide to frame it up as an art piece on your wall, it is enough to spark conversations when guests come over.

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2. Attend a batik-making workshop or virtual class

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Watching batik artists mastering their crafts is always a joy but why not give it a go yourself? 

Whether you’re more of a YouTube tutorial kind of person or a full-on virtual classroom learner where you can interact with several other like-minded individuals, batik workshops are made available for everyone.

These workshops are also typically priced according to various budget types that include their own individual perks and tools so you wouldn’t have to worry too much about overspending.

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3. Add batik to your home decor

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Batik designs can be found on a variety of items, not just silk shirts, tops and skirts. One of batik’s greatest features is its versatility in which can be incorporated into many different works, including home decor!

If you’re a big art lover yourself, there are many ways you can bliss up your home with a splash of batik’s rich colours and intricate patterns. You can even get handy by creating your own DIY batik decor pieces like pillowcases, coasters, wall art and even lampshades. 

Plus, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting creative to put our time to good use and make us feel more productive! 

4. Visit a batik factory

With the reopening of economic sectors here in Malaysia, including the local tourism for fully vaccinated individuals, now would be the perfect time for you to plan a day trip to some of our local spots.

Before planning a trip, however, don’t forget to adhere to the required SOP’s at all times for the safety of you and your loved ones.

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5. Expand your wardrobe with some batik collections

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By now you probably already know that batik is a famous fashion piece among Malaysians, be it for any occasion.

Malaysian batik brand Alfitry Textures Boutique has worked hard in incorporating elements of batik into its collections. And we don’t just mean the normal batik shirts you see at functions!

When you shop at Alfitry Textures Boutique, you’ll be spoilt for choices between their wide range of batik collections comprising Luxe Songket Raya, Baju Batik Bangsawan, Kurung Klasik and Facemask + Batik (Kombo).

Besides just having an extensive collection of flown-in Sarawak made batik, these “tidak perlu iron” (don’t need to iron) pieces make them more desirable to be worn just about any day of the week!

MyBump Media x Alfitry Textures: An On-the-Road Campaign

Batik 6

Building Brand Awareness and Brand Recall Among New and Existing Customers

Alfitry Textures has partnered with MyBump Media to roll out an on-the-road campaign to promote Alfitry Textures as the preferred semi-silk Sarawak batik supplier.

Batik 4

Targeted in four key locations, Klang, Shah Alam, Setia Alam and Subang Jaya, we selected an accumulative total of 10 brand ambassadors. Giving prioritization to ambassadors that fit the overall criteria for the campaign based on their demographic, geolocation and consumer behaviour. 

Besides just providing Alfitry Textures with OOH exposure for their brand, we even took it to other digital platforms to generate further engagement among online audiences. We added Alfitry Textures to the App Rewards Tab listing on the MyBump App where we have over 50,000 active users.

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And to further drive brand awareness among our existing brand ambassadors, we even blasted exclusive in-app messaging and special mentions on MyBump Media’s social media platforms customized specifically to suit Alfitry Textures’s brand voice. 

The Alfitry Textures on-the-road campaign achieved over 3,300,000 impressions and over 41,000KM target mileage on the road presently. This achievement couldn’t have been made possible if it wasn’t for the dedication and cooperation of our very own brand ambassadors. Thank you #BumpSquad for yet another successful campaign! 

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