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Since we upgraded the advertiser dashboard back in April 2021, we have also been working on more features and upgrades consistently to provide advertisers with a seamless experience.

We’re excited to announce new user interface updates that are coming soon to the advertiser dashboard, one that features a new section for campaign planning!

What’s new?

1. Demo campaign

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If you still have not run any campaigns with us in the past and you are new to the Crowdvertising Dashboard then you’re in for a fulfilling surprise!

Our brand new Demo Campaign gives you exclusive access to data and insights before you even launch a campaign with us. This is to ensure you get a feel of how your campaign performance will be reported in real-time before making any confirmed decisions.

2. Mobile-friendly navigation

Previously, the main navigation bar was stuck to the left side of the page regardless of the device type. However, recently, we have updated this to appear on the top of the page instead.

Desktop users would need to hover with the mouse to view content and use the navigation. Having it on top of the page ultimately improves the experience for mobile users.

3. New insights on Home

This year, we launched a new feature on the dashboard specifically for Online Endorsements. This means Advertisers can now launch a full-fledged Online Endorsement campaign without having having to opt for car wraps!

To ensure Advertisers stay on track in terms of their campaign success, we updated our home and campaign pages to reflect the new KPI for this type of campaign; engagement and cost per engagement.

Our updated dashboard home page now shows these key performance indications for Advertisers to view easily.

4. More performance insights

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The three performance indicators on the campaign page now have line charts. As opposed to previously, where you would only get to see the data on the specific point on hover.

Moreover, the updated charts also show the date of a particular data point.

5. Pre-made packages

In case you’re wondering, these pre-made packages are designed in a way that combines several of our services in one package to provide you with the best ROI for your marketing need

These packages are all designed with a specific campaign goal in mind be it to create better brand awareness or build brand loyalty for your brand, to fulfil your marketing goals.

However, if you’re still can’t seem to find any matching offers to suit your needs, we’d be more than happy to chat and find the best strategy for your goals!

Sign up for a demo

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This is one of the most anticipated features of the new update. Interested marketers and advertisers can now access the dashboard without having an existing campaign.

As you might already know, we only provided access to the dashboard once an advertiser confirms and launches a campaign with us.

But with this new exciting update, you now have the chance to get to understand our services more thoroughly and experience a preview of the end result of your future campaign with this brand new open-access!

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