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The bandwagon of the crowdsource has diversified into various industries from financing, research, logistics and even government of nations.

MyBump Media is a pioneer of crowdsourcing in the advertising industry in Malaysia. If you’re interested, you could read this article on how to take your brand to the next level with the crowd and the advantages crowd advertising can bring to your brand.

Can you use crowdsourcing for a successful marketing campaign?

Short answer – Absolutely! We are only limited by our own imagination. While defining success is also subjective.

Long answer – Let us take a general look considering the product lifecycle for instance.

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Introduction stage

  • In the early stages of development and introduction, the crowd can be used to collect valuable feedback while turning target audiences into loyal customers.
  • Based on this feedback, key pain points and selling points can be emphasized to launch a campaign. Nudging the curve from introduction to growth phase as awareness increases.

Growth Stage

  • Campaigns involving a big crowd can be rolled out. Which can either be online or offline (Out-of-home) or even a mix of both for an integrated marketing experience between customer awareness, engagement to acquisition. During the growth stage, building hype helps to boost engagement.
  • The same seamless experience can be achieved even without a mass crowd and by a hyper-targeted niche crowd as well.

Maturity Stage

  • Strong physical presence with Carstorm and Crowdstorm can be used along with social media campaigns which include products, merchandise, and other sales promotion tools such as discounts, vouchers just to name a few as growth matures.

Decline stage

  • As a product matures, it’s vital to cultivate loyalty and hear out the crowd as customer needs and wants are constantly evolving, especially in competitive markets. This would be essential for the next round of development as a product enters maturity.

Having discussed several ways to implement crowdsourced marketing, let us discuss five essential steps to succeed with the crowd:

1. Brand & Product Strategy

5 Steps to level up marketing 1

At this point, you might have created a campaign brief, allocated a budget and goals for a particular campaign.

If you haven’t already, here is an article to get you started on planning your marketing campaign.

Planning your strategy helps you remain consistent and clear in your message when it comes to building brand awareness and essentially growing your business. This step acts as a benchmark to measure your campaign’s progress.

2. Building Your Community

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We have a registered user base of almost 50,000 brand ambassadors. And we are ready to help you build your community of brand ambassadors with your marketing strategy and plan in mind.

You are also given the flexibility of choosing your ideal ambassador for your campaign. There are several options available for you starting from demographics, geolocation, and any other qualification segments suitable for your campaign.

Your community of brand ambassadors is key in engaging with the target audience, conveying your brand’s message, and activating organic word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Problems To Solutions

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The problem defined in your market plan and the goals you have aspired to achieve through this campaign is bridged by your community of brand ambassadors.

Here are some scenarios where engaging in brand ambassadors is an effective solution:

  • Finding pain points in your product or service by running surveys and obtaining feedback.
  • Using human and moving vehicle billboards on the road for awareness and brand presence.
  • Getting consumers talking online with multiple endorsements to promote engagement.
  • Using several creative executions and guerrilla marketing tactics with crowd storm to create interest and hype for your brand.

4. Personal Knowledge & Consumer Insights

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Get to know your community of advocates and consumers at a personal level. Your campaign generates real-time data on exposure and interactions on social media.

While footfall data and other tracking help you retarget potential consumers exposed to your ads offline.

This vast collection of data can provide you with valuable insights and pave more opportunities to produce meaningful content.

5. Build and Grow With The Crowd

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We’ve talked about your brand ambassadors advocating and promoting your brand. We’ve also talked about getting valuable feedback with surveys. Growing with the crowd goes back to a more raw form of crowdsourcing.

There are countless accounts from various industries initiating the crowd for ideas and funding to build products by the crowd, for the crowd.

However, with MyBump Media, you can now leverage input from the crowd to develop new products or even add a limited-edition flavour to an existing product. Let your very own brand ambassadors have a say in creating a product everyone loves.

Another way we can help you grow with the crowd is by providing brand products and brand merchandise along with a personal referral code for your brand ambassadors to further elevate your brand’s image and get more sales from the crowd.

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