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The pandemic has affected many small businesses even with all the government support and COVID-19 aid. As a consumer, now more than ever is the time for you to support local businesses as they face the most risk to closure due to lack of capital compared to large operations.

Shopping local is one of the many ways you can help to keep our local economy thriving and support local talents.

Let’s dive into the 5 tips you can do to show your favourite brands some love and support during these challenging times:

1. Giving referrals and reviews to local businesses

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85% of business owners say that majority of their customers come from referrals


Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to get customers. Positive reviews about a brand or business let potential customers see that a brand is legitimate and reliable. When they see for themselves how real-life consumers have benefited from a particular product or service.

Be it a long review of your thoughts on how a product or service has significantly helped you solve a problem. Or simply just dropping a 5-star rating (and leaving a remark on how a brand can improve).

This simple gesture won’t even cost you a single penny yet drives one of the biggest impacts for businesses – especially local ones.! Not only will you help these local businesses gain more recognition but also encourage them to identify their strengths or weaknesses moving forward.

PROTIP: If you’re a business owner, getting genuine consumer feedback is an effective way for you to improve your product development, marketing, operations and so much more in the long run. Check out how our consumer feedback services can help.

2. Utilize social media as much as you can

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Thanks to social distancing, people are spending more and more of their time on their phones and computers. Which means more eyes are now on social media pages.

When you highlight a local business on your social media, you’re not only helping them reach a larger audience but ultimately encouraging your network of followers to also be aware of the importance of supporting the local scene.

So, go on and shout out loud about the efforts these local brands have done to provide a safe environment for their customers. Share their restaurant menus and links to any online classes. Or even special offers you might have spotted that you feel is worth sharing with your friends, family, and followers.

The best way to support local businesses is to let your community know they exist and encourage them to do the same


3. Shop local and support local farmers

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If you’ve been stressing about shopping in crowded areas, consider turning to your local shops for your household or general supplies. With many businesses now set up for online orders and contactless delivery, you can avoid the mess of crowds altogether.

Not only will you be helping local businesses sell their existing inventory, but you are also helping these local businesses build a stronger relationship with local distributors and farmers (it’s a win-win for everyone!)

Whether it’s a sack of rice or coffee beans from your favourite local coffee shop, your support now during these challenging times will likely increase the chances of these local businesses sticking around after the storm has passed.

4. Take virtual classes and support self-employed teachers or educators

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Many art teachers, fitness studios and teachers across all areas of expertise are now opting to turn their homes into a learning hub by offering regular classes online.

Virtual classes not only eliminate the typical excuse we use of being “too tired” to attend a class due to long commutes or lack of sleep but also provide us with a sense of normalcy and interaction with one another, which is crucial during times of isolation.

Plus, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to gain a skill or two during this downtime!

PROTIP: Here’s a list of FREE online classes and certifications you can take in 2021.

5. Offer your skills to help small businesses

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With many brick-and-mortar businesses quickly shifting to selling online, they may need help with setting up online stores, online marketing, logistics, and more in areas that may not be their strongest suit.

If you have the extra time and energy to spare, you could always offer to donate your skills – especially if that skill is within your area of expertise.

Consider fixing up a small business’s website for a discounted price. Let’s say you’re handy with social media marketing, you could always create a social media marketing campaign that helps raise awareness of a cause or a local business that needs help and support.

MyBump Media calls for Malaysians to support local through #ProjekSapotLokal

Nobody expected to kick off 2020 with a global pandemic. As the world was forced to change gears, many industries had to start thinking on their feet across the globe and in Malaysia – whether big or small. And as a local business ourselves, we understand all the challenges businesses faced during this uncertainty.

This brings us to the sole purpose of why we decided to launch #ProjekSapotLokal in the first place. An initiative project that was centred around helping local businesses (like us!) to thrive together through strategic collaboration.

Going digital to promote local businesses

With over 8,000 active followers on our social media platforms collectively, we figured going digital was the best opportunity to promote these local businesses. Especially since the majority of people were spending most of their time online due to lockdowns.

Besides just utilizing our social media platforms to give shout-outs to these local businesses, we also took it to our very own MyBump App to promote special offers and promotions of these local businesses on the App Rewards listing page where over 50,000 of our brand ambassadors have access to.

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Here at MyBump Media, we’re all about advocating for enjoying local experiences, and supporting homegrown brands is part of what brings us joy!

So, whether you’re looking to buy a gift for a loved one on a special occasion, or maybe even to stock up on some cleaning essentials for your home, we recommend sourcing your goods or services from these Malaysian brands!

Read on for a list of some of our favourite local businesses you can support and show some love to:

1. Topitin
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Topitin is a fashion brand specializing in handmade batik-printed bucket hats.

2. Kiddocare
Project Sapot Lokal 1 kiddocare

Kiddocare is an online platform that connects parents with security vetted, trained and certified Malaysian babysitters.

3. Erth
Project Sapot Lokal 1 Erth

Get paid when you recycle used electronics! Erth offers free pickup services and cash rewards for helping the environment.

4. Plumeria Floral

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Get a wide range of flower arrangements, gift boxes, and eco-friendly gifts with Plumeria Floral.

5. How’s Your SOUL
Project Sapot Lokal 1 hows your soul

If you’re looking to get affordable mental health education and counselling services at your fingertips, How’s Your SOUL is the place for you.

6. Socially KL
Project Sapot Lokal 1 hi.socially

Stand out from the crowd and start building your brand’s success today with the help of Socially KL.

7. CAT Lejen
Project Sapot Lokal 1 catlejen

CAT Lejen is an educational service provider specializing in top quality CV writing, job interview training as well as assignment guidance.

8. Au Derme
Project Sapot Lokal 1 auderme

Au Derme is a brand new local skincare line that focuses on transparent skincare products.

9. Esona
Project Sapot Lokal 1 esona

Esona offers green eco-friendly cleaning products as well as professional disinfectants and sinitizing services.

10. Sushiwak
Project Sapot Lokal 1 sushi

Enjoy high-quality, fresh, and affordable sushi made especially for Malaysian taste buds.

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