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MyBump Media has been nominated in the top 101 marketing startups in Malaysia by BestStartup.Asia. 

We are very proud of this achievement and to be featured among other outstanding marketing companies and startups of 2021. We would like to give a special thank you to Mark Fitz for nominating us in this list! You can check out the feature article here on BestStartup.Asia.

Read on to find out more about how we got nominated and what we do here at MyBump Media.

What is BestStartup.Asia about?

Startups are at the forefront of innovation with cutting edge solutions. The rise of Asian startups in recent years have been phenomenal in exploring challenges and opportunities to meet problems. 

The aim of best Beststartup.Asia initiatives is to “showcase the latest innovations, breakthroughs and greatest companies across Asia.”

As of July 2021, the website has collated 1656 categories of listings across 17 countries in Asia. There are 82 listings from Malaysia, one such listing is ‘101 Top Malaysian Marketing Companies and Startups of 2021’.

How did we get nominated?

The selection criteria is based on innovation, growth, management and societal impact.

Looking back at why MyBump was founded, one of the main objectives was to support socio-economic development by giving back to everyday people. Simply put, anyone can participate in campaigns as a brand ambassador for some of their favourite brands and in return, earn side income. 

By implementing innovative technology solutions throughout the years, we have been able to successfully grow our pool of registered users aka brand ambassadors to almost 50,000 (and counting!) while still maintaining a small talented team of 10 members. 

MyBump Services

How we make a difference

We set ourselves apart from most marketing and media companies by coming up with innovative solutions and ultimately creating value from the crowd.

Our in-house technology solutions have been developed to innovate and digitize traditional offline advertising such as car wrap. Moreover, automation of internal operations and help from our network of partners has also enabled us to launch campaigns within a guaranteed time frame regardless of the campaign size!

Once a campaign is launched, our advertiser dashboard allows advertisers to track performance and campaign updates in real-time

These innovations are what defines MyBump Media’s unique selling proposition.

This is how we create value

Our take on advertising is through the crowd. We take the approach of connecting brands with people instead of a media. Our brand ambassadors can participate in a campaign and create value for brands both online and offline.

From wrapping their vehicle in ads, publishing on social media, establishing physical presence at key target locations to providing real consumer feedback insights, our brand ambassadors help advertisers achieve their marketing goals. 

These are some of the services offered for brands looking to gain exposure, build a rapport with their target audience and create more engagement in the long-run.

Power of consumers

Consumer goodwill is what makes or breaks a brand. Brand ambassadors are ultimately consumers themselves. When we help connect brands with their target audience – it’s a valuable opportunity to create trust and build loyalty. 
One of the easiest ways to build brand loyalty is with word of mouth marketing – imagine if there was a service which could connect you with the target audience in a campaign spanning over several months. That’s exactly what we do.

MyBump coverage

Moving forward towards growth

Last but not least, we have grown tremendously since we started up back in 2016. From providing just car window stickers to executing full wraps and car toppers. And more recently, developing even more products centred around crowd advertising.

Today, we don’t just offer vehicle wrap services but we are now a full fledged advertising technology platform powered by the crowd to provide brands with 360° reach. With years of being the crowd advertising industry with specialization in out-of-home (OOH) on-the-road advertising, we’ve grown to be pioneers in what we do.

And because we bank on being an advertising technology platform, we are continuously finding new ways to innovate our channel to provide advertisers with unparalleled data, insights and transparency on campaign effectiveness, return on investments (ROI), along with performance guarantees.

With our experience working with brands and the crowd to launch data-backed advertising campaigns all over Malaysia, we understand the power of the crowd when it comes to carrying a brand’s message. Thus, we can provide brands with omni-channel crowd advertising solutions that best-fit their campaign goals.

Grow Your Brand With Us!

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