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While working from home, most of us have more flexibility to do our work. But this advantage can sometimes turn into a missed opportunity if we don’t plan our time accordingly. 

Some say working from home tends to limit our productivity, sometimes even causing us to perform our tasks inefficiently. But that is not necessarily true. Most of us fail to be proactive while working from home because we’re not even getting the basics right. 

Working from home is a lot more manageable when we follow a well-organized routine and stick to it despite the urge to procrastinate (which, let’s face it – we’re all guilty of, even when we’re working at the office) 

If you worry about your productivity while working from home, here are a few tips for you:

1. Change to a work-ready attire

How often do you stay in your pyjamas the entire work-day just because you can? We get it. Why bother dressing up when no one is going to see you anyway, right?

But that could also be the reason you’re feeling demotivated to work in the first place. Try getting dressed like how you normally would on a working day. Maybe that will help your body and mind to shift from home mode to work mode.  

We’re not asking you to change into formal attire or anything, but you certainly do need to get out of your sleepwear! Plus, getting dressed by default forces you to do all the other basic grooming – like showering and brushing your hair.

2. Start the day right with a hearty breakfast (and coffee!)

Now that you don’t have to commute to work, you can finally spare that extra time to make yourself a wholesome breakfast before starting your workday. 

Whether it’s toast on bread, a sandwich or even just a hot cup of coffee, having breakfast will not only fuel you throughout the day but getting some food into your system also acts as a mood booster and increases your productivity. 

PROTIP: Try sleeping earlier the night before so you wouldn’t have to rush your mornings and skip breakfast entirely. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

3. Prepare a to-do list or plan your day ahead of time

While the freedom of working from home may have you tempted to work differently with randomized hours throughout the day, it is better to keep a tight schedule if you want to ensure you stay on track. 

Preparing a to-do list need not be conventional or overlapping with endless tasks, but an effective to-do list should include tasks based on priority levels or even short or long-term goals you would like to achieve. 

Don’t forget to schedule other essential tasks (even if they may not necessarily be work-related) like doing the house chores, taking care of your kids or even just taking a break from the screen. The goal is to maximize your time productively, not burn yourself out.

4. Schedule in regular exercise

One way to increase your performance at work is to be proactive and regular exercise can help you be that. 

Scheduling some regular exercise into your daily routine is beneficial for both your physical and professional life. Not only does exercising get your blood flow pumping, but it also sharpens your mind and keeps you more alert when you’re managing complex tasks.

Take some time to exercise every day, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Move your muscles, do some stretches on a yoga mat or even just going up and down the stairs. Do it regularly and you’ll see the positive changes it brings to work and life.

5. Get Astro & Broadband high-speed internet for your home

Working from home has its perks and setbacks. As much as we love working at our own pace, a poor internet connection can get frustrating. 

What happens when you’re in the middle of a conference call and you start losing internet connection? Or what about when you’re trying to reply to emails than all of a sudden you’re out of data? 

In that state, installing Astro & Broadband will surely do the trick. When you sign up for Astro & Broadband, you and your loved ones are equipped with all these benefits: 

  • Unlimited data
  • High-speed internet 
  • FREE access to Astro Go
  • FREE additional channels 
  • FREE box upgrades 

And the best part, a chance to win the latest iPhone! Now, working from home is a breeze thanks to Astro & Broadband!

Find out more here:

Astro appoints MyBump Media to run Astro & Broadband campaign

Astro has partnered with MyBump Media to roll out an on the road and online endorsement campaign for their latest entertainment bundle, Astro & Broadband. 

Targeted in three key locations; Klang Valley, Johor and Penang, we selected an accumulative total of 110 brand ambassadors from our pool of over 40k other brand ambassadors that we felt fit for this particular campaign. 

Since the rapid digital adoption driven by Covid-19, MyBump Media ensured Astro maximized their online reach via online endorsements by their very own brand ambassadors for the Astro & Broadband campaign. 

These brand ambassadors took it to their social media channels to share special shoutouts on Astro & Broadband, thus creating awareness and engagement for the campaign so far.

Here’s a sneak peak of the campaign:

Astro Broadband car wrap

TADA!! Astro and Broadband campaign has officially launched today in all three states, Johor, Penang and Klang Valley!! Start your 2021 with Astro & Broadband! RMCO/CMCO? It’s ok! Learn from home, work from home, cheer from home, travel from home or #WhateverFromHome with Astro and high-speed broadband! Get 100Mbps high-speed broadband and up to 102 channels on Astro, from RM6/day. Shoutout to our MyBump Media Team and our beloved Brand Ambassadors for pulling through before MCO 2.0 and right after it as well. Everything rolled out as smooth as the internet line Astro Broadband offers! Go on now and switch to Astro & Broadband! #astrobroadband #astro #mybump #bumpymybrand #advertising #crowdvertise #OOH #media #marketing #duitpoket

Posted by MyBump Media on Monday, 15 March 2021

Despite abruptions due to the MCO and EMCO recently, the Astro & Broadband campaign achieved over 46,000,000 impressions and 700,000KM target mileage on the road presently. We couldn’t have done it without the dedication of our very own brand ambassadors. So, kudos to you guys for making this all happen!

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