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Online endorsement automation

This month, we’ve been working on upgrading our in-house administrator dashboard to manage and automate workflows related to online endorsements more efficiently. 

Before we dive into the upgrades, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

We understand the pain points of conducting tedious and repetitive tasks. Not only do they cost us and our clients valuable time, but they also drain up all our energy, and make it tedious and difficult to deliver campaigns for our clients as well – and that’s the last thing we want. 

But thanks to technology, we’re just a google search away from finding multiple tools and solutions to improve our workflow processes! 

Despite the availability of solutions, we can seek online today, finding one that fits our pain points can sometimes be a challenge. The reason being that every business faces its unique pain points, therefore requiring a specific solution to overcome them. 

Our pain points 


As a pioneer in crowd advertising in Malaysia, we’ve had our fair share of pain points and challenges we’ve encountered throughout the years. But that hasn’t stopped us from moving forward. We have and still are continuously finding innovative solutions to solve them. 

Take, running several campaigns while managing multiple brand ambassadors at the same time – is no easy feat. There are many factors to look at, like: 

  1. Conducting the standard practices when creating a new campaign (which can be a rigid and tedious process on its own)
  2. Then, carefully selecting the best candidates from a pool of thousands of brand ambassadors for a particular campaign. 
  3. Then, to track the performance of each brand ambassador at all times. 
  4. And lastly, assigning tasks such as getting verification photos to these brand ambassadors. 

Besides that, the campaign automation process and preparation before a campaign takes off can also be a very demanding endeavour. Keeping such hurdles in mind, we have developed a tool to automate the workflow and make life easy for everyone!

Our solution: The admin dashboard

Admin Dashboard for workflow automation

Crowd advertising is our take on transforming plain old traditional advertising into a more digitized and technology-forward approach, while empowering everyday people to become the voice of brands. This is where the role of our admin dashboard comes into place, an all-in-one tool to assist and support any and all campaign operations more effectively.  

This tool empowers and increases the productivity of the team beyond the pain points we’ve mentioned earlier. The admin dashboard allows us to scale our operations and manage every type of campaign efficiently (regardless of its size and with minimum manpower!)

Moreover, our admin dashboard also acts as the prime focal point of internal operations to make certain updates on the advertiser dashboard. The admin dashboard is used as a medium to interact directly with our brand ambassadors via our mobile application.

Simply put, the admin dashboard is the magic behind how we run things smoothly here at MyBump Media. 

How our admin dashboard helps us manage online endorsements

Online endorsement management view

With the recent updates, managing online endorsements are now streamlined in the admin dashboard. Here’s a sneak peek of an ongoing campaign view.

Our online endorsement admin dashboard allows us to:

  1. Match brands with the best brand ambassadors for each campaign.
  2. Access all information on participating brand ambassadors easily.
  3. Update information when required through the control panel.
  4. Automate the process of launching a campaign within the dashboard itself.
  5. Record input from the advertiser dashboard and the brand ambassador app for operational efficiency. 
  6. Automatically calculate social media marketing metrics based on data collection which is also dynamically updated on the advertiser dashboard as well. 

Online endorsement task view

PROTIP: An online endorsement campaign can be launched as an add-on to car wrap advertising and also as a stand-alone campaign.

What’s next?

We are looking into automating tasks related to Online Endorsement on our mobile app, where there will be complete automation and optimization of this service. 

We are also working on the development and automation for our Crowdstorm and Consumer Feedback services. 

Till’ then, we’ll catch up next month with more exciting updates in store! 

Take your brand online 

With the recent decline in economic activities due to extended lockdown, we have designed a special and limited-time offer marketing package for small businesses. 

Our Digital Optimization Package is aimed to help brands and businesses maximize their online reach and understand the needs of their target audience through consumer feedback and online endorsements.

Grow Your Brand With Us!

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