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Social Media Endorsement

As you might have read in our past article about the major upgrades to our Advertiser Dashboard, we are actively working to improve our dashboard to boost the client experience. If you still remember, we also hinted that we were already in the works for the next phase of our upgrade and that a new feature was coming real soon. 

The good news is that soon is finally here! Say hello to a new add-on for your car wrap campaigns: Social Media Endorsements, a unique blend between online and offline advertising.

Rise of Out-of-Home Advertising, Death of Cookies

Cookies and ooh

Digital marketing and advertising have enjoyed several advantages over traditional marketing mediums and out of home advertising.

However, during the pandemic, the oldest medium of advertising has been reinventing itself while third party cookies have been scheduled to be phased out soon.

This will bring a positive balance between traditional and digital advertising.

Crowd Advertising with Car Wrap and Add-ons

As you already know, car wrap advertising is one of our core products here at MyBump Media. And because we’re all about increasing the reach and impact for your car wrap campaigns, we’re offering add-ons to help your brand achieve its marketing goals.

Take Beamboard for instance. Beamboards trigger digital billboard ads whenever one of your Brand Ambassadors passes by them with their cars. Or let’s look at Carstorm, (previously known as Crowdstorm) another popular add-on. Carstorms is a great way to hype up an event or a specific targeted location within any one of your campaigns for a limited time. 

Today, we are reintroducing Social Media Endorsement as an improved advertiser-centric version of the once-popular service we provided called brandfie

Since most of our brand ambassadors are nano-influencers that have less than 10,000 followers, they tend to have the highest level of engagement and influence within a small community. 

At MyBump Media, we know how much of a hassle it is to manage multiple nano-influencers and integrated marketing campaigns all at once. This is why we’ve created Social Media Endorsements, an add-on that is bound to work well with any car wrap campaign.


Social Media Endorsement 

The objective of Social Media Endorsement is to have brand ambassadors tap into their social media networks and get the word out about your campaign. Since they already have your brand’s advertisement wrapped onto their car, all they’d have to do is take a selfie and publish it on their social media pages!

But this post is not just any post. We ensure all posts published by your ambassadors convey the right kind of message, one that is in line with your advertising campaign. An integrated marketing message with a particular hashtag and a unified message that drives high engagement and reach.

Your brand can now effectively reach a mass audience both online and offline with the simple help of your brand ambassadors. Don’t you think this is one of the easiest ways to get the best of both worlds? 

Social media endorsement component


This is where it gets more interesting. Social Media Endorsements component lives inside the campaign page of the dashboard itself. You’ll be able to find a preview that will then lead you to a subpage that consists of everything related to this add-on. 

Whereas in the preview, advertisers were only able to view posts that were pending approval and the number of posts that were currently live. 

Besides that, the Social Media Endorsements component also lets you view the estimated impressions easily. Once you enter the subpage, you’ll find a sub-navigation bar where you can access the control panel and published section. 

Control Panel for Social Media Endorsement


Even though operational activities are managed by us, this Control Panel is designed to get your consent and approval for each post before it is published on social media by your brand ambassadors. 

Each post will have a relevant photo such as your brand ambassadors taking a selfie with their car, together with a suitable caption based on the guidelines you set. This Control Panel will allow you to reject (while we get you a resubmission with corrections) or approve the post before it goes live.

Post View, Performance and analytics


Under the Control Panel button, you’ll find buttons for each endorsement campaign where you can view the status of each post published by your brand ambassadors from the pending approval stage right until live. 

Once we have collected performance data, you’ll be able to find out how each post is doing with an aggregated performance of the Social Media Endorsement campaign. We do all the heavy lifting in collating and calculating important key metrics such as impressions, reactions, CPM and more.

Measure Impact and ROI for Ad Campaign

What else can your brand do with this? We recommend using a specific campaign hashtag for increased visibility and amplification of impact. To some extent, direct ROI can also be calculated with the use of referral codes by brand ambassadors designated for a particular campaign. 

If you can think of any other innovative ideas for our Advertiser Dashboard, marketing strategies you’re keen on exploring or even add-ons you feel would elevate your campaigns further, we’d be more than happy to hear them out.

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