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With the emergence of the Internet and social media platforms, many businesses assume that shifting their marketing strategies online would mean better engagement, better return on investment (ROI) and better reach in terms of creating brand awareness.

However, as the online advertising world continues to gain traction, it also makes it that much tougher for businesses and brands to stand out amidst the oversaturated digital crowd. So what do you do when your brand gets thrown into a pool of competitors, utilizing the same marketing strategy as yours? 

You change the game altogether with Crowd Advertising!

Crowd Advertising in a nutshell

Grow your brand through Crowd Advertising based on geolocation, demographic and consumer behaviour data

Simply defined, Crowd Advertising or what we call #Crowdvertise is the act of advertising a brand or business through the power of the crowd, aka your everyday people. 

Crowd – who?

Familiar with the term Brand Ambassador? Crowd Advertising is when your ambassadors gather together with one mission in mind; to grow your brand presence both offline and online!

However, unlike the typical micro-influencers who have a huge following on their social media channels, Crowd Advertising puts a central focus on nano-influencers instead. Those who have a smaller number of followers in comparison to micro-influencers, usually 1,000 followers or less.

The reason being that individuals who fall under this category tend to have more influence within their community or in the local neighbourhood. Your “regular everyday people” who aim to provide meaningful feedback and opinions, and most importantly, those who truly value your brand. 

Crowd Advertising benefits

1. Power in numbers

When you’ve got your crowd of ambassadors to speak for you, whether they’re wearing your brand merchandise around town or sharing their thoughts and feedback on your product or service through their social media channels, you’re on the right track towards Crowd Advertising success!

2. Complete mobility

Unlike static advertising, Crowd Advertising gives you the flexibility to advertise your brand anytime and anywhere. You’re already one step ahead of any potential competitors when your brand covers multiple locations, moving in sync with wherever your consumers are!

3. The beauty in word-of-mouth

Because your Brand Ambassadors also happen to be loyal consumers of your brand, you can trust them to be consistent, thoughtful and honest in spreading the word to their friends and family. These individuals are the ideal referrals who are here to stay for the long run.

4. Credibility in out-of-home advertising

In comparison to other forms of advertising, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is known to be perceived as a very credible source of information. You can effectively use Crowd Advertising to influence brand perception and purchase decisions among your target audience. 

5. Cost-effective

In the current economy, Crowd Advertising is more affordable than ever. Oftentimes, less expensive than print or digital advertising, Crowd Advertising produces more impactful results on a smaller budget. Making it a great option for businesses or brands who have less to spend on advertising. 

#Crowdvertise your brand with MyBump Media

There are four ways you can Crowdvertise your brand with us, each with its unique scope but still one goal in mind; to elevate your branding and marketing campaign! 

There's no limit to Crowd Advertising when the crowd is literally your Brand Ambassadors.

Not sure which Crowd Advertising direction your brand should head for?

Grow Your Brand With Us!

Want to learn more on how the power of crowd advertising can drive your consumers to grow your brand?
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