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MyBump Advertiser Dashboard

April 2021 has been super exciting for us! We have rolled out major upgrades to our Advertiser Dashboard.

During the lockdowns due to covid-19, we have spent our downtime on improving internal processes, rethinking the business model, and improving our platform. Our Advertiser Dashboard is a core component of our business model. This is where advertisers at MyBump Media are able to access their campaign updates in real-time.

We have spent a few months designing and building the new dashboard from scratch with a much cleaner and modern look.

So, let’s dive in and talk about the major upgrades we have launched on this dashboard.

New Layout & Navigation

Navigation menu

Starting with Layout and Navigation. Our new layout and navigation has been redesigned to improve user experience and also reduce clutter. Information regarding currently active campaigns takes the limelight on the dashboard’s Home Page. Hovering over is an overview of quick insights that reflect the brand’s performance as a whole across all campaigns. When there is an active campaign running, you can see the numbers update in real-time every 5 seconds! How cool is that?

Below the active campaign section, you can access previous campaigns as well. All of the campaigns are listed on the right-side navigation bar which expands on mouse hover. Users can easily access and switch between campaigns from here.

Personal Login

personal login
Example of new login flow

Previously, one common login was provided for each advertiser which was shared between stakeholders among the company. Now, each user will have a unique account, with their own work email as their user name and the ability to update their profile and password within the dashboard itself – making the experience much more personal.

You will find settings on the side navigation bar to change your password, update your profile information and picture.

Cost Per Mille

Example of CPM

Cost per mille is a common advertising industry standard for measuring the cost per thousand impressions. This is a new analysis where we calculate for the marketers to have a better understanding of the relative cost and efficiency delivered by each campaign. This calculation is part of the quick insights section on the top of each campaign and home page – indicating the average CPM of all campaigns.

To make things interesting, the dashboard will show a predictive CPM while the campaign is running based on current performance. Now, marketers wouldn’t have to wait until the end of the campaign anymore!

Campaign Page

home dashboard
Campaign page features

The information structure and presentation is one of the most notable upgrades. The campaign page contains all the data relating to the campaign. Campaign page features a top sub-navigation bar which will make it faster to find a specific section or subpage faster and get access to the data faster and easier.

The main campaign page presents all data in a concise format. Some sections show a preview of the information, summarising key data with a button to see more. This takes them to the specific sub-page which contains more details such as viewing exposure map on the whole screen, gallery for periodic verification selfies with vehicle photos or interesting demographic data on the brand ambassadors.

All of the existing features have been carried forward as it is with a new look, such as time exposure charts to know campaign impressions during various time periods and traffic conditions. Monthly overall performance line charts for impressions, mileage and hours spent, which are used to check daily data for the selected month.

Progress Bar

MyBump Dashboard progress check
Progress & performance tracking

Once your campaign has been launched, the progress bar indicates the performance of the campaign towards campaign goals; target mileage and impressions. With this new feature, advertisers are now able to check how well the campaign has been progressing.

Gone are the days when one has to wonder how effective and successful is the campaign or how the progress is so far. Just log in and check out the progress bar for a quick review anytime!


MyBump Dashboard report
Access and download reports

Reporting of campaign performance and progress has been improved. Weekly updates reports have been automated – advertisers will receive emails on a weekly basis with key performance indicators. Monthly reports and other various reports compiled will all be available for download on the campaign page.

Upcoming features

endorsment - upcoming feature
Next in line

We are actively working to add more features and services to the dashboard. Links to learn more and to view demo videos for some upcoming features are shown below the dashboard. Currently, we are designing an operational planning phase of rolling out online endorsement add-on features. So, this will be the primary focus for the month of May.

Phew! Thank you for sticking with me till the end of this long overdue update! Let us know if you’re interested in a demo or if you’d like to try out the dashboard with a new campaign 😉

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