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Today, every domain in the world is trying to collect and make use of data to enhance their decision making process. Over the years, the marketing domain has steadily moved from mass targeting to targeting segments. Thus, data plays an essential role to analyze consumer behavior, demographics and geolocation to pin-point potential customers. This allows companies to refine their marketing campaigns and further improve their ROI.

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The addition of data in the sales and marketing industry has helped revolutionize the way traditional marketing works. With over 13 million cars on the roads of Malaysia  and the ability to track key performance metrics, transit OOH advertising boasts a very high marketing potential. Here at MyBump Media via car wrap advertising, brands can leverage on consumer-backed advertising with data backed execution. Whether it is a specific location that needs to be targeted or whether a certain demographic or consumer behavior; it is all achievable by making use of data. MyBump Media selects its brand ambassadors for every campaign specifically according to the client’s criteria. For instance, for a sports brand that plans on targeting a young population who are fit and interested in sports within a certain district; MyBump Media strongly takes that criteria into consideration and selects their brand ambassadors who would fit that requirement to provide a more tailored and targeted advertising campaign. Execution of a campaign backed by relevant data is very beneficial for a brand, but what is even more beneficial is to receive data that reflects the performance of an ongoing campaign. 

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

Peter Drucker

MyBump Media offers its clients a variety of indicators which allow the clients to track the mileage that the brand ambassadors have covered along with the impressions that come along with it. Moreover, there is also a heatmap which provides a visual representation of the targeted hotspots of the campaign. All these indicators allow a brand to measure its campaign success and execute their future decisions backed by accurate and appropriate data. 

*Sample of our advertiser dashboard

When you have the option to customize a campaign that is not only transparent but is also backed with relevant consumer data and is driven by the consumers themselves, further presented to a large audience, then why wouldn’t you want to grab an offer like that?  

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