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We’re excited to share with you one of our latest developments, a first-ever in Malaysia! This is a totally new service in the market, to allow brands to take advantage of a super cool innovation in the Out of Home Advertising Space.

Introducing to you the: Beamboard.


So what is it?

Basically, we’re working together with digital billboard players in the market, to marry our on the road car wrap advertising tracking technology with their digital billboard technology.

digital billboard tech
Beamboard tech

So what happens is that whenever a MyBump crowd advertising vehicle passes by any of the selected digital billboards, your brands’ car wrap ad gets automagically beamed up to that billboard!

Let’s check it out in the real world! See the MyBump car passing by and triggering the digital billboard?

beamboard preview
Beamboard preview

As the car approaches the digital billboard, your ad is triggered and starts playing!

beamboard car pass by
Beamboard car pass by

With this integration, the creative executions are endless! For example, lets say you’re a pizza brand – you’ve got a “mouth-watering on the road wrap” that looks like a pizza passing by a digital billboard. And it shouts “Are you Hungry? Make way for Pizza!” The digital billboard ads on call to action of that campaign! That is just one example! We at MyBump Media can’t wait to come up with more creative executions just for your brand.

beamboard billboard passby
Beamboard billboard passby

Oh and, as you might have guessed, a huge thank you goes out to the awesome people over at SkyBlue Media for working with us, to innovate the out of home advertising space!

skyblue X mybump 01
Skyblue Media and MyBump Media

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