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MyBump Lottie FB
MyBump Lottie FB

Building elements for interface is always essential. Striving to the next level of UX/UI design is of course…with animations. Animations allow us to communicate information and our personality in ways that were impossible before.

UX/UI developers have always struggled working with animated contents on their projects. Well, those are the thing of the past now with Lottie.

Probably the latest strive in the digital motion design world, Lottie unites the expertise gap between Developers and Graphic Designers by merging the platform amidst them. is such a platform.

Graphic designers are free to burst out their creative ideas without worrying about execution on the developers end and developers are simply able to obtain robust animated contents from Lottie Files ever growing library of animated awesomeness, cutting down not only their development time but also making their projects exactly how the designer meant it to be, and bring their developments to life..

MyBump Media takes this opportunity to raise the quality of our user experience both in our “App” for Brand Ambassadors and “Advertiser Dashboard” for our Clients.

Stay tuned to see more animations and our products come alive with the help of Lottie.

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