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At MyBump, we believe that the future of advertising is through crowdvertising. Three years into our operations, with over 30,000 sign-ups to be our Brand Ambassadors and more than 20 campaigns under our belt, we’re proud to realize our dreams to make crowdvertising a reality in Malaysia.

Now, we’re introducing our new feature called Carstorm as the next evolution to our crowdvertising business.

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Simply put, Carstrom allows us to send out a notification to all Brand Ambassadors who are involved in a campaign, and have them to either park near a selected location or drive around a specific neighbourhood (such as SS15 Subang Jaya or KLCC) at a particular time and day. Any Brand Ambassadors who can commit to the Carstorm gets an additional bonus on top of their monthly compensation.

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As for advertisers like yourself, this translates to an eye-catching impact to their products and services, as well as an unprecedented opportunity for outdoor advertising in places where traditional billboards are restricted or cost too much for you.

Just imagine a group of cars showcasing your brand at the launch of a new retail outlet. Or at a business event. Or even around Midvalley Megamall.

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In short, it is a win-win solution to both our Brand Ambassadors and for you as an advertiser.

So don’t miss the opportunity to hype your brand, today!

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