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Say bye-bye to KL!

Let’s face it, living life in a metropolitan city like KL can be exhausting. From the infamous traffic jam that truly tests your patience, to the food prices that would dry up your wallet faster than you can say “Mahal-nya!”, KL is certainly capable of wearing you down.

As such, why not consider moving to Johor Bahru, also known to the locals as simply, ‘JB’?


Laksa Johor. Oh yum!

We Malaysians love our food, so you’ll feel right at home should you move to JB! In addition to the usual Malaysian dishes like Roti Canai and Chicken Rice, Johor Bahru offers their unique local cuisine such as Laksa Johor, Roti Titab (Toast with Poached Egg and Kaya Sauce) and Kacang Pool (Peanut sauce with fried egg, red onions, chilies and lime). Let’s not forget the sweet Sirap Bandung Soda (Condensed milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup and soda) to go with the dishes.


ktm tebrau shuttle
“Let’s go on a Choo-Choo Train! “

Johor Bahru is literally a bridge away to Singapore, so if you want to catch the latest events and splurge yourself with shopping, then just choose an option of either by car, bus, train (our favourite) or even a short flight to the Lion City. Just avoid the peak hour la.  Or you could take a 3-hour ride back to KL to meet up with your friends.

Oh, let’s not forget Johor Bahru is significantly less congested than in Kuala Lumpur, which means there is more time for yourself to do more activities. See #3 if you need ideas on what to do in JB!


11 fun things to do around johor bahru so stop saying jb got nothing lah world of buzz 13 768x432
For the love of local products (and knockoffs)

Whether you do your shopping at the fancy Johor Premium Outlets or at the rustic Pasar Karat, spending some quality family time at Legoland Theme Park, feeling like a French citizen at Little Paris, so simply want to feel atas at Senibong Cove, there’s certainly plenty of things to do in Johor.

In fact, you should check out the newest tourist attraction: The B5 Johor Street Market!


Covering 5.9 acres in Tampoi town, which used to be a popular public spot in the early 80s and 90s, the B5 (Batu Lima) Johor Street Market aims to be a centre to market local products. With its Johorean traditional Malay architecture, as well as a focus on five main elements – a retail bazaar, a box park, food trucks, food and beverage stores and a hub for Johor’s cultural exhibitions, B5 Johor Street Market is targeted to attract more local tour operators, art enthusiasts, families and young crowds, and food operators to operate under one roof.

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So if you’re an arts and culture enthusiast, a hipster, a millennial and tired of the stereotype shopping malls, then B5 Johor Street Market is the place for you!
Do catch our Brand Ambassadors on the road around JB with B5 Johor Street Market awesome car wrap!

johorland carwrap

Looking for a site to bloom your business? Why not be a part of B5 Johor Street Market? Check out their website at as well as their Facebook page for more info, or email Ms Sally at, or call 019-9393-244 for business site opportunities.

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