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It’s nice to be your own boss. You can have flexible working hours, enjoy a creative freedom and simply learning a ton about everything to do with your business. As a freelancer myself, you’ll agree with me that where you work is important for your overall productivity. So let’s check out the 4 places below that could be your ideal workspace.


Work at the Comfort of Your Home

Ah, nothing better than working in your underwear wearing whatever you want to wear and taking a nap whenever you like. Working from home is a natural place to set up shop; there’s no question over how fast the WiFi will be, if you’ll have access to a power outlet, and you can dress up your desk exactly how you’d like it. But with the lack of human interaction, you can feel lonely. You could play with your cat (like our bosses’ cat, Moshi), but she’s more of a distraction at work hey? Not to mention that episode of Game of Thrones that’s playing on TV.


Work at the Library (Just Like Your Good Old Student Days)

No, we don’t mean the bar at Mid Valley Megamall. We meant the public libraries across Malaysia, such as the Raja Tun Uda Library in Shah Alam, where its modern and sleek interior would make for an ideal place to focus on your paperwork. They have fast WiFi too; just make sure your laptop has enough battery to last for the whole day, as finding a power outlet in a library could be difficult.


Work at Your Favourite Coffee Shop

If you’re the multiple-latte-a-day person, and you strive on working in a noisy environment, then working in a coffee shop is perfect for you! Besides the free WiFi, the unique coffee shop vibe can actually make you be more productive and creative. Not to mention the chance to network with other freelancers (and maybe find the love of your life? – Editor).


Work at a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are ideal for freelancers: you can have all the perks of a traditional office, including potential friends to go lunch with, high-speed Internet, printing capabilities and so much more! You’ll have the community support your business needs as well as being able to attend entrepreneurial events, usually organised by the same community. If you want to launch your business while sponging everything you can learn from entrepreneurs all around you, then a coworking space suits you.  

There’s plenty of coworking space to choose from, but our choice is  WORQ Coworking Space.

WORQ offers different types of space for your needs. From their HotDesk package if you need a desk in any open space area, to their Private Suite package if you desire a private lockable room, and even a day pass if you’re a digital nomad. The amenities provided are fantastic; free flow coffee and snacks, shower room, game room, gym equipment and even nap pods are available to boost your creativity and productivity.

In addition, WORQ organises many type of events, running from networking events to panel discussions such as “Scaleup Stories by Endeavor Malaysia” and “Cradle’s VIP Series”, all which would be insightful to the entrepreneur-minded.

To top it off, WORQ will be opening their new branch at UOA Business Park, Subang on 1st October 2018, so don’t miss the chance to sign up and take advantage of their early bird rate and perks today! You can find out more about WORQ here.


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