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One day, I was teh-tariking with my friend Ah Fik at the mamak.

Ah Fik is kind of your average guy; but one thing about him is he’s ultra pro-local businesses. He’ll rather have a burger at the Burger Ramly stall than any international burger joints. He drives a Proton, and, surprise surprise, he pumps only Petronas petrol to this car. His usual response to anything: “Kita support local la bro…

So I asked him how his daily life would be like with his love for all things Buatan Malaysia.


The (late) morning coffee

“When I want an awesome cup of coffee, I’ll make my way to “Coffee Ink”. This cafe has a great environment, friendly staff, and of course, truly fantastic coffee.”

Keeping that #SWAG with pompadour haircut

When I do need the haircut, I’ll set a date with “Joe’s Barbershop”; As you can see, the barber is pretty professional; I’ve always felt like a superstar coming out the shop, each time!”

The birthday gift for the special one

“My girlfriend’s birthday is coming soon, and I know exactly what to get for her: a handmade headband from “Sereni & Shentel”. Their designs and quality of their headbands are superb. ”

What to eat ah?

“Too many good Malaysian food…but I do know exactly what I want to eat tonight; the Nasi Kerabu at “Teh Tarik Place”. It’s not bad at all really! Second to any Nasi Kerabu you get in Kelantan..”


The lazy evening before bed

“My girlfriend and I are huge fans of Henry Golding, especially after he got really famous from Crazy Rich Asians. So we’re now binge-watching his earlier TV shows on “Tonton”! ”


All these brands have something in common

As we’re about to end our session, Ah Fik mentioned something that was too interesting to not share:

Ah Fik: Did you know the shops I usually go to use StoreHub?

Me: StoreHub? Isn’t that the Malaysian startup that manage a company’s stores in one powerful cloud-based POS (Point of Sales) platform?

AF: Yeap! I’ve spoken to one of the owners about it; he said StoreHub is packed with so many features like real-time reporting, comprehensive inventory management and setting up promotions and discounts…and to his surprise, it is so easy to use the POS system. Even when his shop is packed with people, there’s no problems with lags and glitches during the peak hours.

M: Wow, that’s impressive!

AF: Oh yea, did you said the other day you have a friend who’s going to run a cafe? You should nominate your friend’s business.

M: Nominate? Could you tell me more?

AF: Sureee. StoreHub is offering a RM10,000 business makeover to any F&B or retail business that deserves a tech makeover. All you need to do is to tag them on either Instagram or Facebook, tell StoreHub why the business deserves the tech makeover, remember to tag @StoreHubPOS and add #SupportLokalMY to your social media post.

M: Anddd?

AF: You’ll win yourself a FREE iPad 32GB Wi-Fi if your nomination is selected!


AF: Yea, I know you like free stuff haha! Eh, the contest ends by 31st October 2018, so hurry up and nominate already. Just in case you forget, here’s the flyer:

M: Thanks Ah Fik! (Eh, wait, since when you work for them?)

So that’s Ah Fik, a local brand supporter for you. If you need more information on the contest check out


#SupportLokalMY #BumpwithStoreHub #BumpYourBrand

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