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So, your gaji (salary) is now in your bank account.  We know you’ve worked really hard for your paycheck and you deserve to pamper yourself with gadgets and gifts. And you love finding a bargain in an online sale as much as we do!

Ever wondered what kind of online shopper are you though? Well, according to some “studies” (thanks Mr Google!), there are five types of online shoppers out there.

The first one, and we’re almost certain is the most common one in Malaysia, is the online shopper that always look for best price. Let’s call this shopper “Aunty Bargain Hunter”.

It doesn’t matter if the quality of the product is questionable at best, or that it looks like a poor-man’s version of an iPhone…Aunty Bargain Hunter will be more than happy if she got it really cheap! Even if she paid just one Ringgit cheaper than the retail price. “Eh, that one Ringgit can buy suet cha (Iced Chinese Tea) with spare change OK!” would be her expected reply too.

Next up, “Uncle Raiz the Researcher”.

He’s the kind of shopper that will look through all the experts’ review on websites, forums and social media… he’ll even set-up a one-on-one interview with owners of a particular product. He will compare specs, features and long-term usability of…a stapler. We can’t blame him though; he’s just making sure he gets the best-suited item for his needs. Uncle Raiz the Researcher may build a great friendship with…

…”Mr. Kiasu Trendy Guy”.

As the name implies, Mr. Kiasu Trendy Guy is the kind of shopper who wants all the latest gadgets out there to compliment with his all-new and stylish fashion. He pre-ordered his Samsung Galaxy Note 9. He got his exclusive “Air Jordan 1 x Fragment” all the way from USA. And he’s wearing that limited-edition “Pestle & Mortar x Tiger” jacket. What a show-off.

At no.4 of our list would be “Ms. Buy Now Lah”.

Ms. Buy Now Lah doesn’t bother comparing prices on various sites. She hates filling out long registration forms, despises the idea of having to tag 10 of her Facebook friends to get a discount, and she would simply close the Chrome tab if that website loads a second slower than a Japanese Bullet Train. All she asked for is the convenience to buy what she wants.  

And finally there’s…”Encik Ehsan the Experiential”.

Encik Ehsan the Experiential is the kind of shopper who desires a unique customer experience. He enjoys the loyalty rewards he often receives from the likes of Uniqlo and H&M. And in the real world, he would rather buy a cup of coffee from his local hipster cafe, for the simple fact the baristas at the said cafe made him feel like a VIP. They spelled his name right too. He’s truly a loyal fellow.

So that’s the basis of the 5 stereotypes of online shoppers. One thing’s for sure, they’ll all check out the #MYCYBERSALE 2018, Malaysia’s biggest ever national online event!

With over 1,200 merchants offering products and services in more than 20 retail categories (including Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10, Shopback and more), you  should definitely take advantage of the attractive deals and items at hugely-discounted prices. #MYCYBERSALE 2018 has the potential to reach over 13.9 million online shoppers in Malaysia alone, so we highly recommend you don’t wait until the last minute to buy!

#MYCYBERSALE 2018, happening from 3rd to 7th September 2018, is organised by the National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) and supported by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Be on a lookout for #MYCYBERSALE ambassadors on the road – supporting the biggest online sale of the year:

So get ready your credit card already and enjoy your shopping experience at the #MYCYBERSALE 2018 only at – Let’s Make Room and Shop till we drop!

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