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So you’ve done hundreds of kilometres of driving, helping us to bump our advertiser’s brand on the streets and highways of Klang Valley. Nicely done! 🙂

And after all the hard work as the Brand Ambassador, keeping your zen with traffic jams and making sure the car rear-windscreen campaigns are viewed by the public, surely you deserved to be pampered by the cash you just earned from MyBump!

But here’s a question we often receive: When do I get paid after the campaign is finished?

The short answer: Please check your registered bank account after 20 working days once you’ve uploaded your Verification Selfie and Odometer Reading.

“Eh, so easy??”

Yeap! It’s that easy, but here’s the long answer in case you want to know: Once a campaign has ended its duration, you would need to upload a photo of your car with the advertiser’s sticker, plus the odometer of the car to the MyBump app or as instructed in the campaign tasks. After we have received it, we will then process the payment to you, in which you will receive about 20 working days from the time you’ve uploaded your Verification Selfie and Odometer Reading. Do note, sometimes your respective bank may take from 24 hours to 48 hours to process the payment from their end.

Now that you know how the payment process at MyBump is done, keep it up and continue earning! And if you haven’t started yet, then download our app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, complete the registration via the app and voila! You are able to participate in any active campaigns to start earning with us!


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