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The usage of Key Opinion Leaders, or in short ‘KOLs’ is not a new concept. KOLs are highly capable to influence your target market. However, in the digital era we are in now, information are saturated. Consumers are actively seeking honest reviews, endorsements and validation from both experts, public figures and non-celebrities to assist in their decision making process. According to an article by Forbes, influencers are evolving as key opinion leaders for specific niche groups, attracting intimate, interested and engaged followings.

What are Micro Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)?

Micro KOLs can be found in any sector; pharmaceutical, beauty, fashion, F&B and the list goes on. The size of the the followers does matter to a certain extend, however, micro KOLs are people who are more approachable and relatable with a smaller, yet significant social media followers size. To define this, marketers have now noticed that the larger the followers, the lesser the engagement is. It is undeniable that the overall amount of followers do attract more attention but the ultimate success of an influencer is engagement. The peak of likes and comments is when an account has around 1,000 followers. If an account has more than 10,000 followers, engagement starts to flatten out. Users are keen to interact with someone whom they are able to relate to more closely than a celebrity. This is regarded as the digital version of word-of-mouth. Micro KOL-led endorsements are seen as trustworthy, persuasive and more effective than other expensive traditional advertising mediums.

Why Micro Key Opinion Leaders?

According to Shanon Traux, senior director of social and talent for Group Nine, “When you see someone with a huge follower count, are their followers real people? Are they bots or span? You can’t verify these people and you will not reach all of them”. Which, at most time, the followers are either bought or they could be just a multiply of the same follower with multiple profiles.  Sometimes the general public will just like and follower the page and not remember about it at all in the end of the day. They are not able to relate intimately or even decide if the endorsement is genuine or not since the macro KOL is paid handsomely to endorse a certain brand. Then the thought of money motivated endorsement will come in place. The ability of this macro KOL to even influence your target audience will then be questionable. When the amount of followers are smaller, it’s a niche community of committed followers and the influencing success rate will then increase. Trust and close relationship with the audience is very important in the purchasing decision process. Aside from that, micro KOLs are cost effective and they are able to deliver 60% more engagement as compared to macro KOLs. In short, micro KOLs are:

  1. Trusted – Opinions evoke high degree of credibility and confidence from friends & followers
  2. Brand Relevant – High connection with brand, product and brand-relevant topics
  3. High in Volume – Exist in greater numbers than macro KOLs and are able to generate content and engagement at scale
  4. Are Loyal – Have existing brand relationship based on purchase and consumption history and most importantly, they have positive brand affinity
  5. Advocacy –  Micro KOLs are likely to recommend or publicly support brands and products
  6. Influence – They are able to drive and play a role in their friends & followers’ purchasing decision

Your Brand’s Micro KOLs with MyBump Media.

MyBump Media’s community of micro KOLs or better known as brand ambassadors will definitely deliver the desired brand exposure, engagement and ultimately influence the purchasing decisions of your target market. With over 30,000 brand ambassadors on board with us, we are Malaysia’s premier leading crowd advertising  platform that not only utilises traditional outdoor media, we heavily champion social media brand endorsements as well. Our pool of brand ambassadors are genuine consumers and they will speak for your brand. By engaging with MyBump Media’s brand ambassadors, your brand will be exposed directly to your biggest fans as well as potential fans. Together with your very own brand ambassadors, we will deliver measurable, accurate and wide-coverage offline advertising. We do not scout for taxi drivers who have high on-the-road mileage coverage or celebrities who will speak for your brand for a bomb. With MyBump Media, actual genuine consumers who are trustworthy and have the power to influence will be vouching and endorsing your brands both on-the-road and on their social media.

Contact us today at to bring your brand’s exposure and popularity to the next level.

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