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What is advertising?

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A quick search on Google, the definition is that advertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service. Advertisements are messages paid for by those who send them and are intended to inform or influence people who receive them. And advertising is described as it is always present, though people may not be aware of it. In today’s world, advertising uses every possible media to get its message through. It does this via television, print , radio, press, internet, direct selling, hoardings, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, clothes, events, colours, sounds, visuals and even people such as brand ambassadors.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a marketer?

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With all the available channels to reach your target market, as a marketer, it is always hard to decide which are the best channels to use to reach your target market. You may have the impression that advertising via traditional above-the-line channels will deliver you the results that you are looking for. After spending much money and months of ad campaigns, you might notice that your brand is not getting the impressions that you are targeting as your target market does not pay attention to above-the-line advertising materials.

Aside from that, your creatively created ad visuals’ messages are perfect, but why isn’t there much brand recall amongst your target market? Your team have been working day and night on the A&P campaign and much thoughts and brainstorming sessions have resulted to the best message to send out to your target market along with the best advertising channels. But why isn’t anyone responding to your brand?

You decided to run a survey to find out why the ad campaign that your marketing team thought that will be a success have failed miserably. The result of the survey came back and you find that most respondents state that they are unable to find a connection to your brand. This means your advertising campaign failed to pique your target market’s interest and they are unable to relate to your brand. It could be either they have not heard or seen of your brand, they are unable to find out more about your brand, they asked their peers and families and no one have ever tried anything from your brand, or it could be your brand just doesn’t appeal to them at all.

What about ad agencies?

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When a marketers are faced with the issues as mentioned earlier, ad agencies are expected to come out with a solution to fix the situation — cost friendly of course! However, we know that brilliant ad campaigns cost a bomb. And on top of that, having limited budget, ad agencies are also expected to deliver awesome results from the ad campaign to fix the marketers’ problems and to deliver reliable performance reporting sheets and the list goes on… You will be scratching your head to find a channel that is able to solve the marketers’ problems and deliver the desired results.


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With the shift of advertising trends, consumers are constantly bombarded by ads day in day out. So much that your brand’s ads might just drown in the sea of billboards, print ads or TV ads. You’ve tried all the approaches that might work, but not MyBump Media’s crowd advertising channels. The math is simple:

With crowd advertising, you are able to leverage on the mass to carry and spread your brand message via peer recommendation. This way, instantly people will be able to have a personal connection to your brand. And it is always best to have your brand consumers to build vouch for your brand. This is also backed by a research done by Nielson; “Only 33% of consumers said they trust paid advertisements, but an astounding 92% trust peer recommendations”.

With MyBump Media, you are able to identify your target consumer through data analytics and you are able to craft and personalize your brand’s message to suit your target market. With our latest tech solution, you are also able to measure the performance of your advertising campaign using reliable and consistent metrics collected throughout your advertising campaign period. At any given time, you are able to track the progress of your campaign and gain insights for of your advertising and performance via a dedicated dashboard just for your brand!

Studies have shown that with mega influencers such as celebrities, with more than 300 social media shares and more than 100 likes, they are only able to sell about 5 items. On the other hand, with micro influencers such your average daily consumers, with only under 10 social media shares and under 100 likes, marketers are able so sell more than 100 items. This further backs Nielson’s conclusion claiming that 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations instead of social celebrities.

Speak to us at if you are trying to reach out to your targeted consumers but have no idea how to do so. Our team of brand ambassadors will garner the reach and brand awareness your brand deserves!

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