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We live in a world where money is hard to earn. Every single penny is precious. There is a saying “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world”. All of us have been taught to be compassionate and to help those that are in need as much as we can, not limited to monetary help, we are to help them physically and mentally too. However, there are times we are caught by surprise of the outcome of our good intention by helping those that seek for help, especially bogus beggars and charity organizations. Most of these bogus beggars or charity organizations practices the same modus operandi and usually at very similar or same premises. They will usually approach you when you are having your dinner at a mamak, food court, coffee shop or restaurant. They usually camp outside religious places like temples and their stories are most likely similar and predictable. Based on our own experience, these are a few types of questionable parties asking for charity that we’ve personally encountered:

Hi! I am a volunteer for an organization that helps orphanages or old folks homes.

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These “representatives” are usually well dressed and well mannered. They will go around the premise, table to table carrying a fully loaded clear folder showcasing a lot of newspaper articles cutting and poorly quality printed pictures of the so-called orphanages or old folks homes. They will also be carrying an ID card of the charity organization that they are representing and a card full of names and signature of those who have already donated before you. There’s always a fixed amount of money that they will request from you. And when you question about their organization, they will spin the stories and much excuses will be given if you say you wish to pay them a visit. And when donations are given, they are unable to produce an official receipt.

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In some occasions, a pair of decent looking foreign couple will approach you while you are in the middle of your meal and they will sing with their guitar and will not stop until you hand out some amount of cash. They will claim that they are raising funds for the foreign orphans that are stranded here and some of the orphans are ill.


I’ve not eaten for days… I need RM5 to buy food.

Usually presented in tattered clothing, carrying a baby or usually seen with crutches or on a wheelchair going around asking for money saying that they have not eaten for days. Those with crutches or wheelchair will tell you that they are disabled and no one will hire them for work. When you offered a meal instead of cash, they will insist that they prefer the cash instead. And if you stand your ground, you will usually end up being cursed because you refuse to offer the demanded cash instead.


Hello! Please help the visually impaired old man.

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These visually impaired people will usually hang out around coffee shops during peak hours like lunch time or dinner time. They will walk around with a white cane and they are usually dressed poorly but oddly clean clothes. When they approach you, and they will seem like they are legitimately blind. When you turn them down and when they proceed to another coffee shop, simply observe how they walk. You will be surprised because they will fold up their white cane and walk perfectly straight avoiding all obstacles like someone who has perfect eye sight. If you follow them, when they reach another coffee shop, they will pull out their white cane again and act like they are in need of monetary help because of their disabilities. Busted!

Please donate and God will bless you.

The ones that we’ve encountered are usually some middle aged woman from mainland China and they will pick their prey. Usually they will approach Chinese and they will visit only Chinese coffee shops. These so-called religious women will be carrying some prayers offering or amulets and they will come to you speaking in very heavy Mandarin accent. Usually they will mention that they are from a temple nearby seeking for alms. And most of the time, they will mention to you things like “Please donate for good karma” or “Please donate and I will pray for your inner peace and God will bless you and your whole family”. If you buy into their plea, you will be required to give a certain fixed amount of money. And if you turn them down, trust me, they will curse you and scold you in front of everyone else and it might look bad on your end.

With all these dubious parties asking for aid especially monetary aid, sometimes we as a member of society have second thoughts of giving out any types of help fearing that the money will end up in the wrong hands or fearing of being robbed or cheated. Donations in any form, be it physical items, manpower or monetary are given sincerely. NGOHub is an online and offline platform dedicated to enable, empower and serve NGOs. NGOHub is a crowdfunding platform that makes sure that your money goes to legitimate NGOs. Through NGOHub‘s platform, you can decide which cause you feel strongly about and there’s more than 500 NGOs to pick from to support. Each campaigns will state very clearly what is the problem that is to be solved, how much money that is needed to be raised to solve the problem, the strategy and the crowdfunding target with a deadline. If the NGOs do not hit the targeted funds after the deadline, they get to keep the donated funds to aid in other matters. If you are financially tight but you would still like to support any causes from NGOHub, you may choose to be a volunteer. A lot of NGOs out there are in need of as much manpower as they can find.

You may ask how do you know if the NGOs listed are legitimate? Rest assured that NGOHub verify NGOs in Malaysia using a two-tier verification system, with the support of Registrar of Society of Malaysia to establish transparency & accountability in the nonprofit sector.

So, start helping those in need today by signing up at NGOHub’s website and together we can make the world a better place. With NGOHub, you can be confident that your donations actually helped change someone’s lives and you can keep track of the progress of the cause campaigns that you have supported. You will not be cursed at, or receive any public humiliation if you do not wish to donate.

MyBump Media have recently launched a Brandfie campaign in support of NGOHub‘s causes.

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