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It’s the time of the year again: year end school holidays and you have excess leaves to clear and it’s also time to pack your friends or family and hit the open road! Yay! Planning for a road trip is an exciting yet exhausting ordeal especially when there’s so many factors that you will need to consider. To name a few, budget may be a concern, location and environment or whether if the destination is children friendly or not and the list continues. However, MyBump Media is here to help in some areas that may come handy.

Planning is key.

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There’s plenty of destinations in Malaysia that’s pretty affordable to visit for a short road trip. You might be interested to head up north of Klang Valley to Penang. There are a few interesting stops you can make as you make your 4 hour long journey to Penang. The sleepy town of Bidor offers the best duck noodles, or you might be interested to make a pit stop at Ipoh for a cup of Old Town White Coffee and Ipoh Chicken Rice. If you are looking at heading down south to Singapore, Malacca will be just the place that you would like to stop by for a few hours to visit one of Malaysia’s prominent historical gem. Point is, make sure you plan out your journey wisely so that you are able to make full use of your time on the road to enjoy most of the delicious cuisines and experiences that all the small towns have to offer that is along your way.

Check that Bat Mobile before leaving.

Make sure you have your oils changed, breaks checked, radiator water filled and tires air pressure checked before you start your journey. It is not fun to be stranded in the middle of the highway as it will take hours for help to arrive. Make an appointment with your trusty mechanic for a thorough check at least a week before you start your journey. Do remember to keep your vehicle’s insurance emergency contact number saved in your mobile phone just in case of an unforeseen breakdown while you are on the road.

Pack your sunshades and bikini!

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Yes… if you are heading for a beach destination like Penang’s Batu Ferringhi, bikini and sun lotion is a must. However, you got to make sure that your journey is as comfortable as possible, at least for your kids or your passengers. Make sure to pack additional bottles of water to keep everyone hydrated and some light snacks to munch on just in case the next food pit stop is about 2 hours away. Do stock up on Red Bull, canned coffee or candy to keep yourself awake while you are driving as you will need your 100% attention behind the wheels.  Check if you have your car charger to charge your mobile phone just in case it runs out of battery as you will most definitely need to have your GPS on for navigation. Pack along your kid’s bantal busuk (baby pillow) to keep them comfy while they are in the car for the long journey. Some essentials like wet wipes and tissue paper will be good to clean up after munching on the snacks. And.. Oh! Do not forget basic medication like Panadol or something for the bad tummy. Download some of your favorite albums into your mobile phone so that you broadcast it while you are driving to keep everyone entertained.

Have FUN!

The goal of a road trip is… having fun! Forget work for a while. Go for massages or explore the town that you are visiting on foot. Spend some quality time with your friends or family. Take as much pictures as you can. Stop at interesting places to admire the view. Visit museums and try out coffee shops. Buy souvenirs and meet new people. Take time to observe the livelihood of the people from a different state. Do what the locals do, eat where the locals eat.

“Travel safe, travel far, travel wide, and travel often” –  Nomadic Matt






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