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Dear advertisers,

You may have already seen and probably wondered why are there cars running around town wrapped with certain brand’s advertisements all over it. Some of you may think that those cars belongs to the company of that certain brand. Some may think that the car owners just want to slap stickers of their favourite brands to show their support. I would agree to a certain extend, but these cars that you’ve spotted are also known as the moving billboards, a non-traditional out of home advertising media.


MyBump Media is special!

We are similar but different. How? MyBump Media understands that some car owners do not want to have any stickers on their car, worrying that the stickers are hard to be removed or there might be leftover glue residue from the stickers. We have taken all of that concerns into consideration and to solve this issue, our stickers are to be stuck onto the rear windscreen of the car only. And if there’s any glue residue after peeling off the stickers, it can be easily removed by just using warm, soapy water and a piece of cloth. 

Aside from that, MyBump Media also uses the power of social media to enhance your brand’s awareness and reach. The drivers that we’ve appointed are known as Brand Ambassadors. These awesome Brand Ambassadors will endorse your brand on their vehicle and also on their social media page. MyBump Media guarantee a minimum of 15 million impressions per campaign. One platform, double the exposure – on the road and online. Isn’t that awesome?!


The power of our sticker!

With this unconventional out of home advertising service that MyBump Media offers, you will get lots of exposure and we mean it! The sticker can be designed to be eye-catching and colorful. This will attract lots of attention because all living creatures are attracted to catchy, colorful things. MyBump Media’s advertising strategy makes sure that your ads are noticed by captive audience effectively; folks who are stuck in a traffic jam. They cannot avoid seeing the rear windscreen of the car in front of them while they spend at least a portion of their time being stuck in traffic almost every single day. On top of that, advertising through MyBump Media is more cost effective! *We’ll do the math during our coffee session shall we?

As advertisers, you may select your Brand Ambassadors based on your desired location where you want your ads to appear such as high-traffic, urban areas, age group or a certain targeted group of daily drivers. A simple example, a children’s product company may seek drivers who live on or near schools, and fetches their kids to school to gain exposure with other parents who does the same as well.


We promise! They are legit!

The pool of Brand Ambassadors that we’ve recruited must go through a series of strict screening. After all, Brand Ambassadors are the ones who will represent your brand out there and MyBump Media ensures that they are the finest Brand Ambassadors that no money can buy.

As part of the vetting process, MyBump Media will screen through the Brand Ambassadors’ background and make sure that they have a clean driving record. Aside from that, it is important that their driving license are valid and it is mandatory to have a minimum auto insurance coverage. We’ve got you covered!


Wanna go on a date with us?

Imagine seeing your ads on every rear windscreen, in a traffic jam at Federal Highway. You will be thrilled right? Let us help you achieve that dream impression for your brand! Curious to find out more or fancy a coffee session with us? Head over to our website to find out more! Haven’t you heard that MyBump Media’s Head of Marketing is as handsome as Adam Levine?


Team MyBump.


  • Siew Lee Ng says:

    I am waiting for long time but still no news for any results.

    • Joanne Cheng says:

      Hi Siew Lee,

      Don’t worry. We are constantly working to obtain more campaigns for our Brand Ambassadors to bump. Do check back on our Facebook page for more updates on new campaigns. Looking forward to have you on-board with us for our next campaign.

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