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“It’s useless to have a car because you cannot go anywhere.

You are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam.”

~ Raquel Rolnik


It’s a usual day-in, day-out mundane “chore” to be stuck in a middle of a traffic jam. According to statistics, we spend a total of 250 hours a year stuck in traffic jams*. Many awkward situations may happen when you are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. Have you ever faced with the following experiences?


I should have visited the loo just now!

Nothing is even more stressful and agonizing when you need to use the loo urgently, you are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam and the next petrol station is most likely to be half an hour away. You are getting that intense feeling and you feel really miserable. You are full of regrets because you should have listened to yourself earlier to use the loo before you left your home or office. It only gets worst when the feeling of the “other” kind of business is building up. You know which one I am talking about.



ALWAYS use the loo before you start your journey. Try not to drink too much water while you are stuck in traffic. This way, you are able to minimize the urge to visit the loo. However, as for the “other” type of business… I’d suggest you to get creative.


I heard this song more than 3 times!

Despacito may be the latest hip and happening song now. It is pretty entertaining to blast it out loud while driving and getting stuck in a traffic jam. You may sing along to the song or dance to it while you are glued to the seat of your car. As you are increasingly getting annoyed with the traffic because we were stuck in it for the last 30 minutes, the same Despacito is on air again. You reach for the player and pressed the other presetted radio channel. And to your horror! Despacito AGAIN! 2 radio stations airing the same song! It will just drive you up the wall!



If the media player in car comes with the awesome Bluetooth feature, make full use of it. Connect your mobile phone to it and stream from any music provider app installed. If limited data is a concern, have some songs stored in your mobile phone. Stream them while driving to avoid multiple rounds of Despacito while driving. What if there’s no Bluetooth feature? Not to worry! There’s this thing called the audio output cables. It is inexpensive to purchase.


Running out of fuel

You are happily driving along LDP in the morning and suddenly, there’s this massive standstill. Your fuel gauge is pointing at the 2nd bar and you thought to yourself, “Should be ok lah. Office is just nearby, can pump fuel later”. Without any warning or whatsoever, that little orange color rat looking indicator is as bright as the sun, shining at you from the fuel gauge. You are starting to have cold sweat and shivers. You are unable to pull over and the next petrol station seems like 8 hours away because you are part of the standstill.



Always check the amount of fuel you have left before you start your journey. You’ll never know when a traffic jam will decide to give you a surprise. Make sure you visit the petrol station even if your fuel is as low as 2 bars as it may burn off faster during a traffic jam.


Oh! Hi!

It’s 3pm and you are rushing for an important meeting. And you have been stuck in traffic and you are wondering what is the cause of it. The more you think about it, the more you feel like driving a bulldozer so that you can just bulldoze your way out of the jam. Out of the sudden, you noticed this cute little girl in the next car waving at you with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen whole day. You feel a chill down your spine and wonder if she is normal or you are seeing things or have you seen her before around your neighborhood.



Just wave back at her with your award winning smile. By doing so, it takes your mind off the frustration of the traffic jam and it makes your day a better one. There’s nothing wrong with you or the little girl. Whoever that is stuck in the traffic jam is equally as bored and frustrated as you are.


Traffic jams are part of our daily lives and there is no way you are able to avoid it if you have to drive to work or anywhere on a daily basis. The above are just a few personal encounter of mine. You may have encountered even more than that. Don’t let the frustration and annoyance of the bad traffic get to you. Besides waving to a cute little girl, sign up with MyBump Media to make traffic jams pay for your fuel and brighten your day up. Visit our page to learn more!


*Source: World Bank 12th Malaysia Economic Monitor: Transforming Urban Transport

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