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When was the last time you saw an ad?

You see and hear commercials everywhere, whether it be through television, radio, magazines, social media or that flyer tucked between your car wipers. Advertising is impossible to avoid.

In fact, the average person is exposed to 5,000 or more advertisements a day

AND of the 5,000 ads you see in a day, only 153 ads will be noticed and only 12 ads will leave an impression. So how do you make sure your product/services makes it to the top 12 ads that leave an impression on your customers?

Get your ad content right where it hits the human mind – psychologically. The human mind drives desires, which means it drives sales for you too. Here are 5 advertising tips based on psychology to get you ahead:

1) Position Images and Graphics on the Left side of your Ad

The right side of the human brain channels creative thoughts while the left side is more analytical. Due to how our body and brain works, our right vision is processed by our left brain and our left vision is processed by our right brain. When you place images toward the left side of your ad, you increase processing fluency. People will digest your ad more quickly, generating a more favorable evaluation – ah, yes, we must have the PRECIOUS too…

2) Encourage Mental Mimicry

The more your customers can imagine themselves in an ad – the higher chances they’ll be persuaded by your ad. By putting people in certain situations in an ad, the ad makes us unconsciously want to mimic those people, and therefore influencing us to also want buy the product they are selling.  So…feeling like a fun roller-coaster ride? 😉

3) Get your Model to Look at where you want your Customers to Look

If your ad has a model in it, orient your model’s view to what you want to sell or the call to action (CTA) statement. As humans, we experience an inborn tendency to follow people’s gazes. When your model is faced towards the CTA statement, you will attract more attention to that area, getting your ad message across to your customers instantaneously.

4) Use Attractive Models – When Relevant 

Sex sells and it has been so since the early ages of mankind. However, that’s not always the case, using attractive model strategy works best if the product or service is related to attractiveness. Examples include luxury (jewelry), appearance (perfume, clothing line), health (fitness) whereas attractive models are not as effective for food (restaurants), technology (software) or office supplies etc businesses. Irrelevant ads raise the question of credibility – it causes your customer to experience psychological reactance and fight your persuasion attempt. Take it from the two auto service centers above, which would you trust more?

5) Set the Color Mood

The color theme of your ad influences the message you want to sell. For example, going pink with an ad for a man’s perfume campaign would send a confusing message and demotivate purchase by the target customer. The brain is hardwired to recognize and make sense of visual information (colors and images) more efficiently, in fact 90 percent of all information that comes to the brain is visual. Identify the purpose of your ad campaign and get your message across with the right color mood!

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There you go, 5 advertising tips based on psychology – time to create your memorably epic ad and leave a long lasting impression on your customers.

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