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Here’s what we’ve been up to.

We have been quite caught-up in the business that we haven’t even stood up from our desks to have a chat with you. But boy, do we have a lot to share with you!

Before going into detail, I would like to firstly apologize to all of you for the lack of updates we’ve shared with you the past month. We have been quite caught-up in the business that we haven’t even stood up from our desks (more like, we’re never at our desks at all!) to have a chat with you. And we’re sorry about that. But boy, do we have a lot to share with you!

We’ve been trying to juggle multiple hats over at MyBump in order to provide a more complete service to our community and clients!

What We’ve Been Upto

MyBump is a self-funded homegrown startup that hopes to introduce a better mode of advertising to the industry – by allowing real people with real lives to become brand ambassadors and endorse brands that they like on the road and online, while helping them earn extra income while stuck in traffic. Our vision is to benefit every driver on the road via MyBump. 

The journey has been very tough and rewarding at the same time. We’ve been working hard on making sure the experience for drivers and advertisers is as efficient and personal as possible.

Our Struggles

B8NsNwwCcAEni0f.pngFrom a startup that launched just 6 months ago – we’ve come a long way but we still have a lot further to go. It’s true what they say about running a startup – It’s like jumping off a cliff and trying to build a plane on the way down. Every day there’s something new – a startup needs to be able catch up with the latest trends and technologies, while running operations, while developing our tech, while hiring and managing a team, while trying to beat our competitors, while meeting potential investors, partners and clients – everything has to be run at the same time. And it continues to be a learning and humbling journey.

One of our main stumbling blocks has been on educating big brands to invest in a brand new startup in the scene, as well as a new mode of advertising. We’ve been working hard to further improve our service in order gain confidence from our clients. It is our awesome community of drivers’ feedback and support that pushes us to try harder every day. Thank you.

Our Accomplishments

We’ve been busy at work trying to become better. MyBump has engaged with different organizations in order to increase our brand presence, as well as to gain valuable lessons from veterans in the industry and various mentors, we have also engaged in strategic business partnerships in order to better serve our users.

On research and development, we’ve come up with a brand new sticker design that is 25% bigger, with better transparency from the inside and still very much JPJ-compliant.

We’ve engaged with over 20 brand owners in order potentially run campaigns with them, and at the same, gain feedback from them to better deliver our services to our Advertisers. Moreover, we’ve conducted interviews with 100s of drivers to better serve them too. On top of this, we’ve taken part in a variety of events to improve the presence of MyBump in the startup scene, to secure partnerships and investment opportunities.


Below are just some notable events from our journey the few months:

The Tech


We’d like to proudly announce to everyone that we’ve also been working hard on developing our MyBump App for Brand Ambassadors. Brand Ambassadors get to sign up to our brand new platform that has a web and mobile platform for their convenience. For our Advertisers, we’re also developing a Dashboard that allows them to regularly see their brand exposure on the road and online.

We are excited to announce that both platforms will be launched on the 23rd of November!

What’s Next for MyBump?

We are currently working towards the launch of our MyBump platform for our Drivers and Advertisers. Our developers have been working tirelessly towards the launch and will be working even harder post-launch to make sure everyone has a great experience using our app everyday. At the same time, we’ll be approaching more and more Advertisers with the purpose of building business relationships and bringing more campaigns for our Drivers. Wish us luck!

Vote for MyBump on HyppTV (please?)

We’re currently on HyppTV, we need your support to gain the interest of more brands and agencies, so please vote for us if you’re a HyppTV user (or you have friends who are). Oh and, I hear you stand to win awesome prizes just by voting for us!

Check out the video below on just how you can do it:

As you can see, it’s super simple! Thank you so much for your vote and unwavering support, that is what drives us to work harder everyday! Thank you.

The Team

We’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks and introduce our team. None of this would be possible if not for the sweat and sacrifice of our team members. Meet #TeamMyBump:


From left to right: Dhanish, Rishwan, Nadia, Naail, Karam and Nattu

Thanks again, hope we’re one step closer to reducing your frustration of getting stuck in traffic – for drivers everywhere. Wish us luck!


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