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Welcome to MyBump. The place where traffic woes go away with monthly cash and freebies. How? Easy-peasy – all you need is a sticker and a selfie 🙂

Of course, you are not alone. There are thousands of drivers on MyBump. Yes, you choose your brand – but its a mutual relationship – which means brands got to want you too.

Here are 10 Tips to get you ahead to becoming the Hottest Brand Ambassador:

1. Keep your Ride Mighty Fine 


OK, you don’t need to own a Batmobile (top listed if you do btw!). Just keep your car clean and in good condition. Your car not only represents you, it also showcases your brand – keep your ride in tip top shape!

2. The Road is your Turf

The more your drive, more people see that brand sticker on your car – the more exposure your brand gets. Plus points if you are a Grab or Uber driver.

3. Know Love Your Brand

giphy (4)

Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. Get to know and love your brand inside and out. If anyone should be your brand’s biggest fan – its you.

4. Rock that Selfie

Your selfie is your mojo. Get creative and express yourself – Smile! Frown. Pout. or make a silly face (duck face also acceptable), throw in some accessories or get your family and friends in for a havoc ‘wefie’. Of course, make sure your brand sticker is visible.

5. Be the One – Guys Wanna Be You and Girls Wanna Be With You (or the other way round)

giphy (3)

You are a brand ambassador – don’t be shy, people look up to you! Start conversations, be socially active and create your own followings on your social media and in your social life.

6. Sharing is Caring

Keep your followers updated. Get the word out where ever, how ever –  chilling with friends, family outings, on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. General rule of thumb for awesome ambassadorship – share news or updates about your brand once a week.

7. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility


Stay positive. Your brand relies on you to make ’em look good. Keep your news or updates about your brand in positive light – if you feel good about it, so will the people you share it with.

8. Be Original

Originality triumphs over the crowd. Speak of your brand in your own words. You are showcasing personal branding – so keep it personal.

9. Feed Brands your Feedback


You are the trusted adviser to your brand. Got a feedback or suggestions on how you could be prouder of your brand? Share it directly – it means a lot to your brand, because you know better.

10. Keep Bumping

Everyone is born to be a brand ambassador – carry that role big and proud! Keep your brand insights sharp, your news up-to-date, your advocacy positive and be true to yourself and your followers – brands will line up to be yours 🙂

Got what it takes? Register as a MyBump driver and #bumpyourbrand!


  • Kor Yu Puh says:

    I already register as “Mybump”, and i also received email above “Ops selamat 10”. but until now i still haven received sticker.

  • singbluesilver says:

    may i know minimum amount or typical amount that can be made based on your company past record before i upload my ic to your website ?

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