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Dear Advertisers – this one is for you 🙂

At MyBump, we connect Brands with Drivers.

How does this relationship work? Yes, you get your brand driven across major cities in Malaysia, super awesome advertising –  but more than that, we take your brand to a whole new level – by having your very own Brand Ambassador.

MyBump Drivers embody the brand they endorse – they choose you. They provide a credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to your brand – on the road and on their social media feeds. Build the relationship wisely and they will rain gold for your business.

Here are 6 reasons why we think Brand Ambassadors are invaluable to your business:

1)  A Human behind your Brand


You can have your brand on posters, billboards, radio, television, online ads or even taxis, but then, you are missing out on the best marketing communications tool – the human presence.

People listen to people. Brand Ambassadors are people who are emotionally engaged with your brand and they advocate the value your brand delivers to its consumers. It is in the nature of Brand Ambassadors to share positive information, promote good deals and talk about your brand – helping spread the word to many more people.

2) Trust Issues

There’s a common scepticism people have about advertising. Traditional media advertisements is being tuned out and you have to “break through the marketing clutter” to get your message seen. Seeing countless TV ads, online ads, newspaper ads, billboards and taxi ads condition the mind to be ignorant of passing advertisements.

This is where your own Brand Ambassador makes the difference between having a bystander to an interested customer. In a recent Nielson survey, only 33% of consumers said they trust paid advertisements, but an astounding 92% trust peer recommendations. In another recent survey 70% of people responded that a suggestion from a friend or family member directly lead them to a purchase decision.

3) Social Media Virality


Today, anyone can share anything with their social media friends with just one click. An online community of Brand Ambassadors who love your brand and vision can create endless leads. You don’t have to do all of the sharing—because they will.

When it comes to online presence, you are not the one “managing your reputation online”, your customers are – and not everyone has nice things to say. More Brand Ambassadors means more positive comments, reviews and referrals to your brand. Oh, did we mention MyBump Drivers upload selfies with your brand on their social media profiles? That’s right 🙂

4) Continuous Feedback Loop

Your product should always be in a state of evolution—whether its new features or making improvements to existing ones. Having outside eyes to give you feedback is enormously important. Your Brand Ambassadors are your customers too and can be a great source of feedback. They’re also excellent at reporting what the competition is doing and willingly share their thoughts because they actually care about your brand.

5) The Power of Word-of-Mouth 


Brand Ambassadors spread the word for your Brand. Research shows that word-of-mouth is at least five times more effective than traditional advertising, paid search, email, and other marketing tools. More Brand Ambassadors means more long-term customers, which lowers your costs, drives referrals, and improves your reputation; all towards increasing your brand’s lifetime value.

6) It Takes an Army to Win a War

Competition it tough, and the battle for market share, profit and share-of-voice is not an easy one for businesses to gain. Business is no longer 9-to-5 behind office walls. Just as social media has enabled real-time marketing and branding, it’s also necessitated real-time customer service and community management. Have your own “army” of Brand Ambassadors and win the competition!


So, how can you get your team of awesome Brand Ambassadors? Reach out to us! 
Get your Brand Ambassadors with MyBump!


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