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Our story starts with a simple irony – getting stuck in traffic

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On average, Klang Valley dwellers spend 1-2 hours daily on the road (or looking at rear-ends of cars!). We are drivers too and we know that it ain’t a pretty sight or experience. Fuel, tolls, car maintenance costs are as good as burning your hard earned money and not to mention those precious seconds of life just passing you by (and the irony is, you’re barely moving most of the time)…

While we have no cure for traffic jams (unless we fast-forward to the future of flying cars) but we do promise to make traffic jams worth your wallet.

What is this thing-a-ma-bob called MyBump?

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MyBump brings together drivers and brands. We help drivers (like you) endorse your favorite brands on your car! Consider yourself a ‘brand-hero’ and like all heroes, you get the perks (money!) and benefits (freebies!) with your special power.

Using car stickers, we turn your car into your asset. Our brand-stickers are sized 1ftx1.5ft (so small eyh?) and is placed on the rear-window of your car. MyBump uses high quality, one-way vision car stickers and we 100% guarantee that our brand-sticker will not damage your car window or paint.

We are made in Malaysia with utmost love and enthusiasm to revolutionize the advertising industry and redefine personal branding. MyBump’s awesome name infers ‘bumper stickers’ on your car AND ‘fist-bumps’ in terms of endorsing your favorite brands.


Join the MyBump revolution and bump your brand!

How do I join the MyBump force?

The Force

The power of the force is within you! Simply sign up on our platform

  1. Choose your favorite brand and we take care of the delivery/installation.
  2. Place your chosen brand-sticker on your car. For DYI Superheroes, our brand-stickers are easy enough to put on yourself! Nonetheless our helpful team will provide support for on-spot installation at your request.
  3. Take a selfie with the brand-sticker (your brand wants your bump-fie aka ‘selfie with the brand you bump’ because you are now your brand’s hot celebrity, wuhoo!)
  4. Of course, your brand now represents you, so share your bump-fie with your online family and friends and hashtag your brand.

Next, drive around (or get stuck in traffic) as usual, BUT this time you get monthly payment and free stuff from your favorite brand! Double nice!

Get started at and bump your brand with MyBump!


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