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MyBump Media is the leading Crowd Advertising Agency for out-of-home and online media powered by the crowd to provide brands with 360° reach.

Let the crowd speak for your brand. Crowdvertise!

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We help brands grow through unique campaign executions

Using geolocation, demographic and consumer behaviour data centred around your marketing strategy, we provide multiple crowd advertising solutions for outdoor and online advertising for brands.

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Multiple ways we drive your brand forward

Car Wrap Campaigns by MyBump Media


Indoor and Events Campaigns by MyBump Media

Indoor & Events

Online and Social Media Campaigns by MyBump Media


Insights and Consumer Feedback Campaigns by MyBump Media


Our solutions aren’t just about cool campaigns and shout-worthy metrics. It’s about solving problems. Understanding what is needed. Embracing creativity. Being innovative. And ultimately, delivering results.

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Brands are looking for ambassadors to promote their products and services. By creating a free account, you will be able to browse all available campaigns and start earning.

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MyBump Campaign Car Wrap

Car Wrap Ads

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Online Endorsements

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MyBump Media was founded on the belief that an advertising technology company could run both profitably while creating sustainable impact.

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Industry updates and thoughts from our experts

We write on campaign executions, tech updates, developments, ideas as well as our experiences working in the crowd advertising scene. We also love hearing feedback or questions from readers, so shoot us an email if something interests you!