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Flexiroam worked with MyBump Media to launch a campaign
focused on user acquisition targeting
frequent travelers and jetsetters'



PDRM worked with MyBump Media to launch a campaign
focused on any Malaysian's who were driving to their hometown
for the Chinese New Year 2017



We worked together to launch a branding campaign
with hundreds of Brand Ambassadors in
Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru


Disney Studios

We worked together to launch a campaign targeting
parents who drop off their kids (between 3-12 years old)
to/from school within Klang Valley



MyBump Media worked with Advertising+Marketing to
launch a campaign for the NEXT Malaysia 2017 event,
targeting KL's Golden Triangle.


Universiti Malaya

We worked together with University Malaya
targeting areas nearby the university for
the Pesta Tanglung 2017

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